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Spitting Image sketch featuring Joe Biden and Adele has people baffled

Spitting Image has released a new sketch marking Joe Biden’s likely victory in the US election – and it’s got people completely baffled.

The bizarre clip features Joe Biden cooking breakfast in his kitchen, surrounded by Kamala Harris, Barack Obama and, for some reason, Adele.

‘Joe, why aren’t you at headquarters?’ Kamala asks, with Barack replying: ‘He’s been cooking all night.’

‘Um, did you tell him about the election results?’ she adds. ‘At his age, you’ve got to break news like that gently,’ Barack replies.

After Adele makes an appearance, Kamala asks the question we’re all thinking: ‘Adele? What are you doing here?’

‘Lady Gaga said his eggs were ‘woo ooh’,’ she replies.

Adele’s appearance in the clip has people baffled (Picture: Britbox)

The sketch has had social media users baffled, with people failing to see the joke and questioning why Adele was in the sketch at all.



‘What even is the intended joke? What’s the Lady Gaga bit? Why is Adele involved?’ one wrote.

Another said that while the ‘original [Spitting Image] series was savagely, shockingly funny, something’s gone wrong.’

‘If it was on in my front garden I’d close the curtains,’ one exasperated Twitter user added.

‘The worst thing I’ve ever watched,’ another said.

The sketch was shared on Twitter with the Biden campaign inching towards a victory in the US election, despite Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated accusations about ‘illegal ballots’.

After 24 years off air, the satirical show made its return to BritBox with new puppets earlier this year, including Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Meghan Markle.

The show’s creator Roger Law recently hit back at racism accusations following ITV bosses’ meeting to discuss how to portray black people as puppets.

Spitting Image is available to watch on BritBox.


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