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Squid Game: What happened to everyone who quit the game? Fans on Reddit might have the answer

*Warning: Contains spoilers for Squid Game*

Squid Game viewers have been poring over every last detail of the massively popular series over recent times, after the show cemented its place as the most-watched Netflix show of all time.

We’ve had interesting theories that could change how we interpret the show forever – and now a Reddit user has come up with a reading of the show which might just explain one of its most fascinating elements.

As fans will know, the players who survived the first game decided to leave the contest in episode 2.

They returned to the outside world, but many struggled to re-adjust and chose to reenter the games in order to try and win the huge cash prize, despite the immense danger.

However, we never discovered were the 14 players who chose not to return ended up.

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Squid Game has become a global phenomenon (Picture: Netflix)

What could have happened to them? Fans on Reddit might have the answer.

The show sees the Front Man tell the other guards to keep an eye on those who didn’t return – and one fascinating theory has emerged.

Several Reddit users have made the claim that the 14 people who quit the game could all have been offered the chance to return as workers and pay off their debts.

It’s certainly feasible, as it would allow the organisers to monitor them and prevent them revealing information to the outside world.

Could it be true?

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Could the 14 gamers who dropped out have become workers? (Picture: Netflix)

There’s another theory, too, which claims that the guards are all previous winners of the competition.

User alltheplants05 wrote: ‘I actually thought they were past winners, just because you see how brutal the winners get and how much it can change you.’

It comes after one TikTok user went viral after claiming that the workers are actually recruited in the same way as the players.

The theory suggests that all of the players pick the blue tiles, and suggests that the red workers seen in the series are actually selected in a similar way.

Squid Game is ready to stream on Netflix.


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