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Steph McGovern says nothing is embarrassing after ‘getting her muff out’ on TV for live smear test

Steph McGovern has admitted pretty much nothing in the world of TV phases her anymore after having had a smear test live on-air last year.

Steph began presenting her own lunchtime show, Steph’s Packed Lunch, during the first Covid lockdown of 2020 from her home, which gradually grew to be a huge hit with viewers.

The Channel 4 programme was nominated for a TV Bafta Award, National Television Award, RTS Award, and a Tric Award, and continues to go from strength to strength.

Before her daytime days, she was the main business presenter on BBC Breakfast, so is very well-acquainted with the challenges of live TV.

But in a recent interview, Steph noted that she’s pretty immune from being ‘embarrassed’, after

‘I’ve literally got my muff out on the telly so once you’ve done that I don’t think there is anything that can be really embarrassing,’ she shared.

Steph said nothing embarrasses her anymore on TV (Picture: Channel 4)

‘Because I’ve always done live telly, there’s been loads of things over the years.’

She went on to recall a horror story from her BBC days, adding to Huff Post: ’When I was on BBC Breakfast my dress once split down the whole back of it and we had to do a camera angle where someone could gaffer tape it to stop it from totally exposing me.

‘I was talking about really serious stuff as well like the economy and I’m nearly flashing me boobs. But anything that happens on Packed Lunch I can normally just have a laugh about it.’

The Middlesborough-born broadcaster was praised for having the check-up live on-air, in order to raise awareness of the importance of the tests.

Steph’s show has been running since 2020 (Picture: Channel 4 / Tom Barnes)

She tweeted at the time: ‘Cervical cancer charity @JoTrust says 1 in 4 women aren’t getting smear tests. Uptake is at 20yr low.

‘Today I’m talking to father+son who lost mum at just 37. Also I’ll be getting my smear test live on air to help show it’s nothing to be afraid of. @Channel4 12.30 @PackedLunchC4.’

Women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 are invited to have cervical screenings, which are conducted to check the health of the cervix in order to prevent cancer.

Steph explained to viewers: ‘There are a lot women who struggle with going to their smear test because they think it’s going to be awful and embarrassing, so we decided to show you what actually happens.’

Her on-screen smear test was carried out by sexual health doctor, Dr Naomi Sutton, who outlined some of the reasons why women don’t take up the offer of the tests.

She said: ‘There’ll be lots of reasons women don’t go but all these things can be tackled… embarrassment about their bodies, nervousness about pain…. a skin problem, you might be menopausal and it’s dry and sore.

‘But all these things we can sort out with a bit of dialogue and communication,’ she said.

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays from 12.30pm on Channel 4.


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