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Stranger Things season 4: Is Hopper trapped in 1950s Russia? There’s some pretty compelling evidence

Could Hopper be trapped in the 1950s in Stranger Things?
(Picture: Netflix)

While we all impatiently wait for Stranger Things season 4 after what feels like an actual life time since Hopper appeared to have been pulverised, one fan has come up with a compelling theory explaining how he survived the blast.

Over the weekend, Netflix launched a fresh teaser for season four, showing a family moving into the haunted Creel house in Hawkins during the 1950s.

But things took a particularly unsettling turn when later in the clip the two children eventually are found dead on the floor, the father standing over them.

Victor Creel is about to play a pivotal role in season 4 – played by horror icon Robert Eungland best known for starring as Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies – who was a patient imprisoned at Pennhurst Mental Hospital for a gruesome murder he committed in the 1950s

The official Stranger Things Twitter account previously announced a string of new characters, among them Creel who was described as ‘a disturbed and intimidating man’.

And back in 2020, the very first Stranger Things 4 teaser showed Hopper was not only alive but was the mysterious ‘American’ the Russians were holding captive.

One fan on Reddit, however, has put two and two together to pen a theory called: ‘Stranger Things Season 4 Theory: Hopper is in 1959 Russia.’

They wrote: ‘Reasoning: Creel house event newspaper printed March 1959; nothing in the trailers featuring Russian footage points to modern equipment; lots of clocks in the trailers; Back to the Future was heavily referenced in season 3; Demogorgon was killed in season 1 but is alive in the same Russian prison that is housing Hopper.

‘Other fun facts: People in the Demogorgon-abusing Russian prison wear blue coats that look similar the one that Barb was wearing when she was attacked by the Demogorgon, as well as the one that Eleven was wearing over her pink dress in season 1.

‘Only puzzle: Where did Hopper get the puffy coat he had on while holding the flame thrower? Upsidedown?’


While next to nothing has been confirmed about Hopper’s arc in season 4, actor David Harbour did promise his chief of police will go through a transformation.

‘There’s some fun stuff that we’re doing this season, but it’s also the heaviest dramatic stuff I’ve ever had to do,’ he told Entertainment Tonight.

‘We get to see a lot of Hopper at his most vulnerable, we’re gonna reveal a lot of backstory points that we’ve only hinted at in boxes in his attic.

‘We’re gonna see a lot of these different threads, and also, we get to see a rebirth of him.’

Stranger Things season 4 is coming to Netflix in 2022.

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