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Strictly Come Dancing 2020: Body language expert weighs in on Ranvir Singh and Giovanni Pernice’s ‘close partnership’

Strictly Come Dancing’s Ranvir Singh and Giovanni Pernice’s close partnership throughout the series has had tongues wagging.

Before the couple was eliminated from the competition on Sunday night, the Good Morning Britain presenter and the professional dancer had found themselves linked to romance rumours time and time again.

The pair have furiously shut down any speculation that their friendship is anything more than professional, and body language analysis from our expert Judi James confirms this.

Analysing their body language from their most recent performance and their interactions during Sunday night’s results show, Judi highlighted that it looks as though the pair have developed a close friendship rather than anything else.

‘We want to believe in this unbelievably romantic and sensual-looking couple like we want to believe in Father Christmas (or Torville & Dean back in the day),’ Judi told us.

‘Their body language signals of passion and tenderness were breathtaking on the dancefloor and the way Ranvir clung to Giovanni, using any excuse to nestle in and gaze up into his eyes with an expression of devotion off the dancefloor too suggested they were firmly in role behind the cameras as well as in front of them.

‘Giovanni was clearly the best mentor Ranvir could have had, bathing her in extended gazes from his large brown eyes and using small caressing and head-kissing rituals to slowly build up her confidence to the standard that we saw during her performances.

‘Giovanni seems to have achieved the most amazing make-over on Ranvir. But is their passion for real?’

Judi continued: ‘I hate to say it but despite their hugely convincing displays of closeness I saw several hints that Giovanni might have been quietly retreating now his job was done.

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Ranvir and Giovanni close partnership has had tongues wagging (Picture: BBC)‘He was so utterly smart in the way that he achieved some of the most sensual routines ever from non-dancer Ranvir and she was clearly either besotted or consumed by the same level of crush that many of his fans experience.’

Taking a close look at the moment Ranvir and Giovanni discovered they’d be leaving the competition, Judi told us: ‘Firstly his pupils did not seem to dilate when he looked at her so fondly (pupil dilation is a sign of love) and then there did appear to be a slight and very natural breaking away as their dance partnership was dissolved last night.

‘During the results, his arm hangs on her shoulder and his fingers are curled rather than stroking or touching her. His nodding and accelerated blink rate show his focus on the win.

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The pair were eliminated during the semi-final (Picture: BBC)

‘Ranvir appeared to agree, as at one point she performed a truncated gesture, moving to place one arm around his waist before putting it onto her own waist instead.

‘She nestled under his armpit as they said goodbye but he didn’t use eye contact as he praised her and pulled back to say how much she has grown in confidence, suggesting he has been a catalyst rather than the reward.’

Judi concluded: ‘I truly want to believe these two will walk off into a blissful sunset together but his signals suggest he has done an amazing, emotional job on Ranvir to restore and increase her confidence and that might end in close friendship rather than a relationship.’

Looks like these two have left the competition as good friends.

Strictyl Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6pm on ITV.

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