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SuperValu Christmas advert 2020 leaves viewers ‘bawling’ with heartfelt story about boy’s festive wish

The SuperValu Christmas advert 2020 has left viewers in quite an emotional state, as some warn John Lewis that the retailer has ‘competition’ when it comes to releasing heartfelt festive campaigns.

On Thursday 12 November, Irish supermarket chain SuperValu launched its new Christmas advert, starring a young boy called Conor.

The short film opens with Conor hanging a Santa Claus bauble on his family’s Christmas tree. He asks his mother, ‘Mum, is he still coming this year?’, to which she replies, ‘Of course he is.’

As Conor and his family continue their preparations for the festive period, the young boy becomes increasingly excited about the prospect of their special visitor.

Following a grocery trip by his mother, Conor shows his father a box of mince pies, which he says are their expectant guest’s ‘favourites’.

He also creates a huge stop sign decorated with silver tinsel stating: ‘Please stop here’, which he places on their front porch.

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Who is Conor hoping will make arrive in time for Christmas? (SuperValu)

As they near Christmas, Conor’s hope that their guest is coming appears to start dwindling. A friend offers him words of encouragement, telling him: ‘You’ve just got to believe.’

Finally, as they reach Christmas Eve, Conor checks one last time. ‘Are you sure?’ he asks his dad, who comfortingly responds: ‘He’s coming.’

Just before going to bed, Conor lays out a couple of mince pies and a glass of milk, leaving viewers under the assumption that he’s been waiting for Santa Claus to arrive this whole time.

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Conor gets everything ready for Christmas Eve (SuperValu)

In the night, Conor wakes as he hears the front door open. As he runs down the stairs, jumping onto the ground floor, he exclaims: ‘Grandad!’

After his grandfather wishes Conor a happy Christmas, the young boy runs towards him for a hug, saying: ‘I knew you’d come.’

While we predicted there would be some sort of a surprise at the end of the advert, the appearance of Conor’s Grandad definitely threw us through a loop.

The heartfelt ad has proven a hit among viewers online, with many saying they couldn’t hold back the tears after watching it.

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‘Congratulations to the SuperValu Christmas ad for being the first Christmas ad of 2020 to make me cry at work, tis officially the season,’ one person tweeted.

‘Hello I’m here to join the online support group for people who can’t stop bawling over the SuperValu Christmas ad,’ another said.

Someone else wrote that the ad made them miss their grandfather, writing: ‘Apologies for spoilers but if you miss your Grandad as much as I miss mine then I send you the biggest heartfelt hug. I’m bawling.’

Yep, we’re gone.


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