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Susanna Reid ‘would be in there like a shot’ as she talks defending Chris Whitty as he gets harassed in the park

Susanna Reid expressed anger and shock at footage of Professor Chris Whitty being harassed by a group in a London, calling the public health official ‘dignified’ despite what was happening to him.

England chief’s medical officer looked visibly distressed in the clip as two men put their arms around him and stop him from trying to walk away.

Describing the incident as ‘anarchic’, Susanna recalled her own experiences of being a famous face while out in public.

‘I’ve never had anything negative. I’ve only ever had people politely say, “Aren’t you that person off the telly?” and then perhaps ask for a selfie.

‘But this sort of physically coercing someone in order to get a video stunt is… there’s something anarchic about it. Where is there sense of what’s right and wrong?’

The TV presenter added that it was hard for the professor to defend himself.

She told co-host Martin Lewis: ‘He can’t really defend himself because as soon as he does lay hands on someone else, then they might have a reason to complain.

‘He’s so dignified, he’s so stoic but he shouldn’t have to be.

‘I tell you what if I ever walked past something like that, I’d be in there like a shot.’

Martin agreed saying: ‘I’m like Susanna, I couldn’t walk past that and not do or say something.’

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Susanna said she would physically get involved if she witnessed a similar situation (Picture: ITV)

The TV consumer expert also shared a ‘scary’ moment in the street when he declined to stop and chat to a viewer while he was out with his daughter.

‘He started calling me a name that begins with a C and he followed me down the road shouting at me “You are…” while my three-year-old is on my shoulders. And, “You’re nothing like you are on the telly, you’re all pretend” and walked down the road with me.’

Martin added: ‘I’m normally always happy to do it when people come and talk to me on the street. I always smile and answer a question unless I’m in a rush. I’m always polite but my little girl gets very scared.

‘I will never forget that episode because it made me intimidated. It was scary.’

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