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Sweet Tooth: Dania Ramirez reveals powerful scene edit with massive implications for character’s story

Warning: spoilers ahead for season 1 of Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth star Dania Ramirez has revealed to how the edit of a powerful scene changed the way the story of her character, Aimee, was introduced to viewers of the Netflix series.

Sweet Tooth, based on the comic book series of the same name, tells the tale of a hybrid child called Gus, who was born part human, part deer.

Gus lives in a world where hybrid children are threatened, as many believe them to be the cause of a virus pandemic that swept across the world in what became known as the ‘Great Crumble’.

Heroes star Dania plays Aimee Eden, a character who was not in the original comics, who creates a sanctuary called the Preserve to protect hybrid children from threats including the Last Men.

While speaking to, Dania explained that the very first scene that featured Aimee in the show was actually supposed to come later, thus revealing to viewers where her character would end up before they knew her story.

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Aimee is mother to adopted hybrid daughter, Wendy (Naledi Murray) (Picture: Netflix)

In the opening scene of episode two, Aimee – a former therapist – is shown rocking on a chair, drinking from a mug while holding a gun, with viewers later learning that she was waiting for the Last Men to arrive at the Preserve.

It then transitions to flashbacks to Aimee’s old life, where she struggled to connect to ‘anything’, listening to couples as they told her their problems.

When asked whether any changes had to be made to any of her scenes during filming, Dania replied: ‘You know it’s so funny because we filmed in New Zealand and it takes such a long time from the time you film to when you actually watch it and the only difference was really in the editing, not so much in the scenes. It was just the placement of scenes.’

The actor continued: ‘They began episode two with a scene that I filmed much later, from I believe it was episode… the end of six, where I’m rocking in the chair and I’m waiting for the Last Men to come in. That was something that wasn’t there originally.’


The X-Men actor expressed how much she ‘loved’ the change to the scene order, as the series explored who Aimee was ‘before the pandemic, before the apocalypse’.

‘In my opinion, I loved the change,’ she said. ‘I love the fact that you started with this is who she’s going to end up being, and let’s go back and tell you her story. I thought it was beautifully intertwined.

During a recent interview with, Jeff Lemire, who wrote the Sweet Tooth comics, shared how much he enjoyed Aimee’s inclusion in the show as a new character.

‘I do love some of the new characters that have been created for the show as well. Aimee Eden, in particular, is a character I really wish I had when I was doing the book as she would have enriched things and would have been great to use,’ he said.

‘So it’s kind of a give and take there – I love some of the new stuff, but I also am looking forward to seeing some more of the comic characters pop up for sure.’

Season two of Sweet Tooth is yet to be announced, despite fans desperately hoping it will happen.

Showrunner Jim Mickle admitted that they ‘don’t know’ about the fantasy drama’s future yet, explaining how nail-biting edits to the series were made just days before its launch.

‘So it’s been a wild week just with the release and we’re sort of wrapping our heads around everything… so time will still tell,’ he added.

Sweet Tooth season one is available to watch on Netflix.

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