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TFL to pull Naked Attraction bus advert involving ‘unconsenting passengers’ after Channel 4 issues apology

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The ad has caused a huge amount of backlash (Picture: Rachel Joseph/C4)

TFL has confirmed it will pull a Channel 4 advert for the show Naked Attraction which points to passengers and jokingly claims they ‘love being naked’ from their network.

The broadcaster has already apologised for the advert, which appears to have been an attempt at a tongue in cheek joke gone wrong.

The picture attached of a TFL bus displays an advertising panel for the C4 show, which asks its contestants to choose a potential partner based on what they look like naked.

It has three descriptions of hypothetical people who may be passengers on the bus with arrows pointing upwards to the person sat inside the vehicle.

One is captioned ‘Loves Naked Attraction,’ the second ‘Hates Naked Attraction’ and the other ‘Loves Being Naked.’

But a TFL spokesperson told ‘We work tirelessly to ensure public transport is a safe environment for everyone, and any report of sexual assault or inappropriate behaviour is investigated and treated extremely seriously.


‘We have reviewed the ad campaign and decided that it should not continue to run on our bus network. It will be removed as soon as practicable.’

It comes after Channel 4 previously apologised, and said to ‘This ad is based on a Channel 4 entertainment programme.

‘It was not our intention to cause offence and we apologise if it has done so.’

My Celebrity Life –

Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction (Picture: Channel 4)

The ad went viral after Twitter user @tkingdot drew attention to a picture of it displayed on a TFL bus online.

She asked the broadcaster: ‘What the hell is this creepy bus ad? You can’t just label non-consenting passengers like that.

‘Does @Channel4 not know how many sexual assaults take place on buses?’

Although the broadcaster is known for its unconventional methods, with the banner itself under the heading ‘Altogether Different’ many felt this was a step too far.

Others were quick to respond to the advert, with many calling it ‘creepy’ and reminding the broadcaster of children who might be travelling on a bus.

One wrote: ‘Not just in London. Saw it on @on_lothianbuses in Edinburgh on Saturday. Was shocked they thought this was acceptable.’

‘@Channel4 going to look pretty creepy when school kids get on,’ commented another.

A third said: ‘That’s bizarre at best and disgusting at worst. What the hell. Kids ride these buses.’

‘In an ideal world this would be a bit silly but my god, read the room!’ echoed a fourth.

King, who started the thread, went on to remind the subject of jokes made in this fashion absolutely’ should not be a ‘sexualised one.’

Naked Attraction can be streamed on All 4 now.

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