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The Apprentice 2022: Fired star Alex Short responds to rival Amy Anzel ‘throwing him under the bus’

Harry was the latest candidate to be fired (Picture: BBC)

Warning: Spoilers for The Apprentice ahead!

The Apprentice 2022 continued tonight with Lord Alan Sugar firing Alex Short, and the candidate has given his verdict on his time on the show.

Week four of Lord Sugar’s show saw both groups challenged with creating a fish dish to sell to the public, as well as having to flog fish to a major client.

Meeting the candidates at the Greenwich Maritime Museum, he said: ‘Part of your team will be fishing down in Cornwall, creating a fish dish for the public.

‘The other part of the team will sell to a major corporate client.’

He decided to mix the teams up slightly, as Alex was moved from the winning team of Diverse to Infinity and later made project manager.

Harpreet Kaur led team Diverse as the groups both got underway trying to sell their fish.

However, despite both teams giving the task their all, team Infinity made a major mistake of forgetting to offer up any of their catch of the day when selling to the major corporate client.

Amy urged Alex to go forward as PM (Picture: BBC)

This was costly, with Alex’s team back in the boardroom after losing the task, with the PM opting to bring Akshay Thakrar and Kathryn Louise Burn for grilling.

Eventually, it was Alex who was fired after failing as the project manager on the task – but he’s now addressed whether he felt pressured into being PM by Amy.

Asked whether he felt thrown under the bus by his competitor, he said: ‘I mean, it was a weird sensation, obviously, I’d come from the other team, the winning team on the previous week.

‘I didn’t really know anyone’s skillsets or how they worked, I think it would have been honourable for someone who was within that team to step up and to be PM, but you’re under a time constraint, and someone had to do it.’

He went to say he was ‘proud’ of himself for stepping up even though he agreed with ‘it wasn’t the best task’ for him.

Alex added: ‘Yes, Amy jumped on the fact that she wanted me to be PM, but I suppose everyone has their ideas and how they want to go about things.’

The fired star went on to share just how hard it is to keep anything from the burning ears of advisors Karren Brady and Tim Campbell.

He added: ‘I’ve never had such a burning sensation in the back of my head when you’re on task. You can feel their presence there and they’re watching every move every step that you do.

‘They’re Lord Sugar’s eyes and ears, they pick up everything. Nothing goes unseen, nothing goes unheard and that’s why it’s such a difficult process because they will pick up on it!

‘It’s their job to inform Lord Sugar when we’re in the boardroom with what’s going on what happened. He trusts them and takes their opinions on board to obviously make his decision.’

But who will be the next candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar?

The Apprentice continues on Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.


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