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The Apprentice viewers roast the boys’ ‘crap’ logo for luxury cruise: ‘It looks like a turd hitting the water’

Harry Mahmood, Akshay Thakrar and Akeem Bundu-Kamara felt the wrath of Lord Sugar in episode one (Picture: BBC / Naked)

The Apprentice’s new series got off to a hilarious start tonight with the boys failing to impress with their logo for a luxury cruise, which earned comparisons to a turd.

Lord Alan Sugar returned to screens tonight as a new set of two rival teams created a cruise ship brand and supporting advertising campaign which they pitched to the big wigs of the travel industry.

*** Spoilers for The Apprentice episode 1 ***

The boys’ team – led by Akshay Thakrar – settled on the name Never Ending Nautical to symbolise the eternal nature of spirit.

However, they didn’t think their advertising through properly as the logo didn’t feature the company name, while the image – green and brown instead of a fitting aqua or blue – looked rather unsavoury.

Harry told Akeem Bundu-Kamara, who helped come up with the design: ‘Akeem I’m very disappointed with this logo, it does not scream luxury.’

Lord Sugar even went as far as calling it the ‘worst logo I’ve ever seen’.

Navid Sole attempted to justify the shocking design and said: ‘I know it’s a bit of a weird logo, but whenever something is weird, people remember.’

‘Looks like a turd hitting water’ (Picture: BBC)

Reacting to the logo, one viewer tweeted: ‘Akeem’s logo looks like a turd hitting the water.’

Another agreed: ‘Never ending nautical – the logo looks like a turd being flushed down the toilet.’

Cracking up at the blunder, one weighed in: ‘How can you not include the name of the cruise on the logo these guys are useless.’

‘WHAT THE HELL IS THAT LOGO,’ another viewer demanded to know.

One laughed: ‘Why does the logo have a leg and an arm I am crying.’

‘I cannot get over how crap that logo is. Sorry boys,’ another stated.

The logo left one viewer in absolute hysterics as they tweeted: ‘Screaming at the yoga-poo logo.’

After all was said and done, Lord Sugar delivered the first firing of the new series and the girls were safe after going through to the next round.

However, it was the end of the road for Harry Mahmood, who Lord Sugar branded ‘disruptive’ after logo-gate.

The Apprentice airs Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One.


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