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The Bay series 2 episode 4: Questions after Med Kharim’s death and secret about Oliver revealed

Warning: spoilers ahead for series two episode four of The Bay.

The latest episode of The Bay is one of its most hard-hitting so far, with the police force shaken by Med Kharim’s (Taheen Modak) unexpected death and new developments spelling trouble in the case of the murder of Stephen Marshbrook (Stephen Tompkinson).

Having not yet had time to process their grief, Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) and Tony Manning (Daniel Ryan) are faced with having to inform his wife Lateesha (Jade Greyul) of Med’s death.

While the entire police force are desperate for answers concerning who was behind Med’s murder, they must step aside and let an outside team conduct the investigation, as is protocol.

As they busy themselves delving deeper into their own case, they learn that there’s a secret about Oliver Marshbrook (Leo Ashton) that the family of the young boy failed to tell them about.

From the mystery behind Med’s death to the big reveal about Oliver, these are the biggest questions we have after watching episode four of The Bay.

Was Med’s death connected to Stephen Marshbrook’s murder?

At the end of episode three, viewers were left utterly shocked as they witnessed Med being targeted in a hit and run and left for dead in the street.

My Celebrity Life –
The Bay viewers hoped Med would survive after the episode three cliffhanger (Picture: Jonny Birch)

After episode four opened with paramedics and Med’s police colleagues rushing to his side, he was confirmed dead at the scene.

Med was killed while investigating properties recently purchased by a client of the Bradwell and Marshbrook law firm called Breakwater Developments.

After his death, it is discovered that all of the properties he was looking into had been used for illegal purposes, with the one he was closest to being used as a safe house for Class A drugs.

It’s almost definite that Med’s death is directly connected to the assassination of Stephen.

However, whether or not it was the same person or organisation who carried out both murders remains to be seen.

Is Madeline telling the truth about Oliver?

The police learn that before his death, Stephen had been in contact with an unknown individual and had arranged to meet her at a hotel.

My Celebrity Life –
Rose is very protective of her son, Oliver (Picture: Ben Blackall)

On the day of the reservation, several officers conduct a stakeout at the hotel, where they meet Madeline Hookway (Sian Breckin), a former associate of the Bradwell and Marshbrook law firm.

After being taken to the police station, Madeline informs them that she and Stephen had an affair several years back and that Oliver – the youngest child of Stephen and Rose Marshbrook (Sharon Small) – is actually her child.

According to her account, Madeline was experiencing mental health issues when Oliver was a baby, which was how Stephen was able to raise Oliver with his wife away from Madeline.

Madeline appears to be telling the truth. However, considering the police had no idea about Oliver’s true identity, what else will come out of the woodwork?

Who else knew about the Breakwater account?

Despite seeming quite suspicious at the beginning of the new series, Mark Bradwell (Steven Robertson), Rose’s brother and Stephen’s brother-in-law, is beginning to seem like one of the most honest members of the family.

My Celebrity Life –
The patriarch of the family, Bill, denies any knowledge of the Breakwater account (Picture: ITV)

Following Med’s death, Mark decides to come forward to the police to reveal that Stephen was involved with the Breakwater Development client before his death, which Mark personally found quite ‘iffy’.

While Mark tells Lisa and Tony that his father, Bill Bradwell (James Cosmo) also knew about the account, Bill denies anything of the sort, affirming to Lisa that it was Stephen’s business.

In light of the fact that Mark’s wife Stella (Sunetra Sarker) also knows about Breakwater, could the entire family know more about Stephen’s involvement with the questionable client than they’re letting on?

Will Tony agree to sign for divorce?

Tony has been going through a particularly hard time throughout the second series of The Bay.

My Celebrity Life –
Tony is struggling to cope with big issues behind the scenes (Picture: Ben Blackall/ITV/REX)

After Lisa realises that he’s been sleeping at the office, it’s revealed that Tony and his wife Ellen (Kerrie Taylor) are going through a tough point in their relationship, with Ellen urging him to sign papers to make their separation official.

Although Ellen is there to comfort him over the phone when Med dies, she is still adamant that she doesn’t want Tony to return home.

With the police officer in charge of the investigation into Med’s death sniffing around Tony’s private life, is there any possibility that the boss of the West Lancashire Police Service can convince his wife to take him back, or is it the end of the road for the couple?

Are Lisa and Andy going to get back together?

Ever since Lisa’s ex Andy Warren (Joe Absolom) came back into the lives of her and her children Abbie (Imogen King) and Rob (Art Parkinson), it’s been unclear what his true motives are.

My Celebrity Life –
Lisa and her ex Andy are becoming closer once more (Picture: Ben Blackall/ITV/REX)

After being absent for so many years, it doesn’t sound convincing that he simply decided to come back to make amends.

Nonetheless, he has emphasised how eager he is to spend time with Lisa and the kids and to be there for Lisa when she needs an extra helping hand.

Having put on a brave face in light of Med’s death, Lisa finally breaks down in front of Andy, with the pair embracing and kissing as the latest episode draws to a close.

Could a reconciliation be on the cards? Or will Lisa learn that there’s another reason why Andy has returned to Morecambe?

The Bay returns next Wednesday at 9pm on ITV and is available to watch on ITV Player.


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