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The Boys season 3 review: Thought it couldn’t get any more diabolical? You were very wrong

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The Boys is without a doubt the bravest, stupidest and most underrated show in recent memory.

While the return of Stranger Things makes the world stop in its tracks, even Bridgerton likely caused a dent in pubs’ takings for a weekend with everyone staying in to drool over Jonathan Bailey, The Boys often gets overlooked but its fans are among the most loyal going.


Because there is simply nothing more fun than watching a horny dolphin get pelted through a wind screen or a superhero singing a duet to their gills.

It’s the most diabolical show imaginable, and after two seasons of relentless WTF you’d think you’ve seen it all.


Without giving too much away at this stage, season three just takes everything you love about The Boys and ramps it up ten-fold.

Following the events of season two, The Boys continues a year later and quite literally everything has changed.

The Seven is more fragmented than ever, with Homelander now subdued and lost knowing footage of his cockpit cock-up could ruin his reputation for good.

There was also the bloody fight which appeared to kill off his lover and fellow Nazi supe, Stormfront.

A-train is confused after losing his speed, The Deep is very much still awfully The Deep, while season three is a total game-changer for Starlight who steps up to be more powerful than ever before.

As for the Boys, Butcher’s arc takes a totally unexpected turn following the death of his wife, working for the government and supervised by Hughie.

Naturally though, the still calm of the last 12 months proves to be torture and both are itching to disrupt the peace with blood and the death of their enemy, Homelander.

When they come across a mysterious Anti-Super weapon, they have their solution. Inevitably, war against The Seven is back on and introduces the arrival of Soldier Boy, the first ever superhero and the greatest threat to Homelander so far.

The Boys season 3 (Photo: Amazon Prime)

But the real stars of season three are Kimiko and Frenchie. Their wholesome relationship has been a much needed staple of The Boys, and in this chapter they step up as the gems of the show and take centre stage in easily the best scenes of the series by far.

One thing The Boys should be celebrated more for is its unique and fearless approach to social commentary, tackling the MeToo movement head on in season one, fascism in season two and this time The Boys has its say on the very unreal threat of cancel culture on powerful white males, which is a louder concern on social media than it needs to be.

Essentially, the Piers Morgans and Tucker Carsons of the world are a huge influence on season three, and, sadly, they’d both probably watch along and not even realise.

There’s a huge shift ahead for fans, which keeps The Boys fresh. Three seasons in and it still gets more exciting with each new chapter.

Absolutely nothing you’ve seen so far is as absurd or hellish as one particularly wild moment in episode one, which sets the tone for everything that follows – the stakes are higher, the gags are more hysterical and there is the constant threat that anything can happen to anyone at anytime.

Quite literally nothing feels safe or sacred, if anything the chaos is off the chart and, even by The Boys’ standards, is more unpredictable than ever.

The Boys season 3 is available to stream on Amazon Prime from June 3, with new episodes dropping weekly. 

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