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The Chase’s Darragh Ennis teases mortifying moment in upcoming episode that he will ‘never live down’

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The Chase’s Darragh Ennis is teases mortifying moment that is set to air (Picture: ITV)

The Chase star Darragh Ennis is dreading one particularly mortifying moment that is set to air on an upcoming episode of the gameshow series.

Darragh is a new addition to the Chasers, with the Oxford University alum joining The Chase in November last year and while he may have well and truly settled in, that doesn’t mean he isn’t partial to a few blunders here and there.

They arguably can make for some of the show’s most entertaining moments and it sounds like fans are in for a treat, as Darragh admits one episode will see him left extremely red-faced.

Speaking to The Mirror, he revealed: ‘It’s the worst thing I’ve ever said, it’s been recorded and it’s going to go out in front of millions of people.’

Teasing the cringe-worthy moment, Darragh said he presumed bosses would save it for the bloopers reel, but was mortified to hear that instead it would be going into the main show.

‘I ask the producers if it was going in the bloopers real and they said no it’s going in the main show. Literally the stupidest thing i’ve ever said,’ he confessed.

My Celebrity Life –
Darragh is known as The Menace and joined The Chase in November 2020 (Picture: ITV)

Fans will have to wait to see the moment play out onscreen, but Darragh insists he’s ‘never going to live it down’.

The neuroscientist added that even his fellow Chasers and host Bradley Walsh were left baffled by what he comes out with.

Viewers will recognise Darragh as a former contestant of The Chase, as three years before he joined the Chasers he appeared on the program and won a joint cash prize of £6,300.

My Celebrity Life –
The neuroscientist was a contestant on the show three years before his Chaser debut (Picture: ITV)

Host Bradley later revealed that following his win, Darragh was approached by producers and asked if he’d like to train to become a Chaser.

‘Straight away, as soon as you come off air, we came off air on the recording of that day, the bosses said to him, “Listen, do you fancy training as a Chaser?”’ Bradley revealed during an appearance on This Morning.

He then explained it took two years for Darragh, who’s now known as ‘The Menace’ on the show, to train.

‘You’ve got to know not just general knowledge, you’ve got to know stuff about modern culture. And don’t forget each Chaser has a flaw, a chink in their armour,’ Bradley explained.

‘So consequently, if say for instance, like Sean’s very good on sport, Paul Sinha’s great on art, Anne is great on books, Jenny the Vixen is great on modern culture, that sort of stuff. So it’s very tricky.’

Darragh went on to make his debut as a Chaser in November 2020 and around 4.9million viewers tuned in to watch him in action.

At the time, it was reported that such viewing figures made it the most watched episode of The Chase ever.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.


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