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The Circle: Gladiators’ Hunter in danger as Andy and Manrika named influencers for next blocking

My Celebrity Life –

James looks like he’s in trouble… (Picture: Channel 4)

Another blocking from The Circle is imminent – and Gemma, aka James, is in definite danger.

The 47-year-old bodybuilder and former Gladiators star has been masquerading as NHS nurse Gemma for the past two weeks, in a bid to get the £100,000 cash prize and donate to the service.

But he has unknowingly made some enemies along the way.

Specifically, Manrika, who finds Gemma too fake and believes that she’s up to something.

The pressure of being a catfish caused James to come clean about his identity to Andy, in a bid for a bonding moment to keep him safe.

But rather than Andy appreciating the honesty, he’s now worried about James’s intentions – thinking that James could try and get rid of him to keep his secret safe.

My Celebrity Life –

Are James’s days numbered? (Picture: Channel 4)

Now, after the latest round of popularity votes, Manrika and Andy have both been nominated as influencers, and will be left to decide who will be the next person to leave.

Manrika has made no secret to the cameras (and safely away from the group chat) that she wants Gemma out.

Does this mean James’s days are numbered?

Viewers certainly seem to think so.








Currently, there are nine players still in the game of popularity – and most of them are secretly catfish participants pretending to be somebody else.

Manrika, Vithun, Andy and newcomer Pippa remain the only genuine players.

Gemma (played by James), Dorothy (played by Scott), Syed (played by Hashu), Felix (played by Natalya) and Femi (played by Joey) are continuing to go unnoticed as suspicious.

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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