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The Circle: Has Femi accidentally outed himself as a catfish?

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Joey may have accidentally revealed that Femi was a catfish (Picture: Channel 4)

The Circle newcomer Joey may have accidentally revealed himself to be a catfish to the rest of the group after a flippant remark picked up by Hashu.

Joey is playing Nigerian immigrant Femi in the game, and has been claiming that he arrived in the UK in August 2019.

However, after Gemma was revealed to actually be Gladiator star James in the latest blocking, he told the group that he was shocked and that he ‘didn’t expect to see a gladiator first thing in the morning’.

While it didn’t seem like much, Hashu – who is playing as middle-aged Uncle Syed – immediately spotted a red flag in his comment.

‘He know Gladiators… even as a Nigerian migrant that came over to the UK in August? Thats… interesting,’ he said.

‘Do they show Gladiators in Nigeria? I think I need to write that down.’

My Celebrity Life –

Hashu, who is playing Uncle Syed, immediately noticed the mistake (Picture: Channel 4)

As Uncle Syed, Hashu later shares his suspicions with ‘Nana’ Dorothy (who is actually an actor named Scott).

‘Syed, that is very interesting indeed,’ Scott told him as the 83-year-old. ‘How would he know about Gladiators? Out of interest, has anything else stuck out to you that you feel a little conflicted about?’

He responded by saying that Vithun hadn’t been making an effort with him, fearing that ‘Uncle Syed’ was too old for the young player.

‘Juicy, juicy conversations with Syed!’ Scott laughed. ‘I only came for a little flirt because I was a little bit bored babe, but thanks for the information!’

The Circle continues weeknights at 10pm on Channel 4.

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