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The Circle: James and Manrika have nasty clash as Gemma is blocked from the game

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James and Manrika did not end on good terms (Picture: Channel 4)

The Circle’s James Crossley ended things on a sour note with a bitter clash with Manrika after being blocked.

The 47-year-old former Gladiator has been masquerading as NHS nurse Gemma from the start of the game, but was eliminated after her fate was left in the hands of Andy and Manrika.

After being sent his marching orders, James decided to pick Manrika as his one guest to visit before saying goodbye to the popularity game for good – and got a less than welcome reception.

Immediately angry on seeing him, Manrika said she ‘knew’ that he was a catfish from the start, but started to mellow when he explained he was genuinely trying to raise money from the NHS.

‘I’ve been calling you a b***h from day one,’ she told him. ‘I said I pray whoever this is is a nurse, I’ll be devastated if they’re not.

‘But I understand why you’ve done what you’ve done.’

My Celebrity Life –

The pair’s conversation soon turned vicious (Picture: Channel 4)

Saying that she didn’t get on with Gemma from the start, Manrika was shocked to discover that Andy knew about James’s real identity but had kept it from the group.

Things then took a real bad turn though when she revealed she was the one that labelled Gemma ‘a snake’ and ‘full of s**t’ in a painting game.

Telling Manrika she’d ‘crossed a line’, James didn’t accept her apology or explanation and told her: ‘You could’ve owned up to it rather than being a coward, so that’s full of s**t yourself.’

My Celebrity Life –

James wasn’t happy to be leaving so soon (Picture: Channel 4)

My Celebrity Life –

Manrika was fuming Gemma wasn’t actually an NHS nurse (Picture: Channel 4)

‘You seemed genuine, but obviously you’ve pulled the wool over my eyes,’ he added.

But Manrika stood her ground and said that she was playing a game, and that getting Gemma out was part of her game plan.

Counteracting that it meant that she was less genuine than she liked to think she is, the pair’s conversation then turned bitterly frosty.

James eventually walked out, telling her: ‘Grow up, you know what I mean? Nice to meet you anyway.’

‘Everything that I’ve said and thought, I don’t feel bad about,’ Manrika said. ‘Because she’s a catfish. He’s a catfish, whatever.

‘He’s f***ing fit as well, but he’s a p***k.’

The Circle continues weeknights at 10pm on Channel 4.

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