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The Circle: ‘Nana Dot’ star Scott reveals catfish Natalya’s mistake cut from show and the DMs he got from the real Felix

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The Circle player Scott has bene getting DMs from the real Felix (Picture: Channel 4)

The Circle’s Scott – aka Nana Dot – has revealed the mishap Natalya made in unaired scenes which could have given the game away and spilled all on the messages he received from the real Felix.

Last night, Scott and Natalya came face to face in truly one of the most epic meetings in The Circle history, as Felix was floored to see the flamboyant actor come creeping into his apartment, while Scott was ‘disappointed’ not be confronted with a ‘dreamy hunk’.

‘I didn’t have a clue!’ Scott tells, stressing he was adamant that Felix really was the dashing soldier Manrika fell head over heels for.

But there was one moment which viewers didn’t get to see, that almost gave Natalya’s game away, according to Scott.

 ‘There was moment which they didn’t show in the cut but we had a conversation where he used quite feminine words and said “I love you so much” and I was like, “that’s a bit much.” But Scott was like, “oh my god, Felix loves me!”

‘Some bits I thought sounded really feminine and not what an army guy would say at all. I just thought he missed his nan and just wants to be a lovely genuine guy.’


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Scott posed as his real-life grandmother, Nana Dot (Picture: Amy Brammall)

Regardless, Scott and Natalya have become ‘really close’ and he’s even been in contact with the real Felix.

‘Natalya always messaging me, “I wish you were in the final.” We’ve got a lovely connection.

‘Even the real Felix slid into my DMs – I was thrilled about it. He said you played the game really well and he’s really close to his nan in real life, which Natalya told me in there.

‘He said he’d be rooting for Dot as much as Natalya was. He wants to meet the real Dot. I said, “you can come around anytime, my darling.” I think we will be friends from this.’

Now Felix has lost his closest ally in Dot, his chances of winning the £100,000 lie in his ‘Circle girlfriend’ Manrika. However, the guilt has crept up on Natalya, as Manrika appears to have genuine feelings for the burly war hero.

My Celebrity Life –

Scott and Natalya’s epic meeting on The Circle (Picture: Channel 4)

My Celebrity Life –

Manrika has totally fallen for Felix on The Circle (Picture: Channel 4)

‘I knew they had a relationship in there, but I didn’t know how hard it was for Felix,’ Scott said. ‘I could imagine it but now watching it back, it was so difficult. That was a shock to watch, quite hard to watch. I could feel for her because she’s playing the game – like Manrika is. They’re playing the game to win £100,000.’

‘Manrika is playing a fantastic game and so is Felix – now it’s like may the best person win,’ he continued. ‘It is what it is and that’s what I said to Natalya. It is a game and we all signed up for this.’

After Scott’s departure, the original Circle fam managed to clock that either one of the newbies, Alice – who is actually chemistry teacher Shabaz – or vicar Tom – actually former contestants Joey and Pippa – is a an ex-contestant playing as a catfish.

Tonight, the final ratings result is announced before the third The Circle winner is revealed on Friday.

The Circle airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.   

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