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The Circle US: Where is the hit Netflix reality show filmed?

The Circle US does more than just take inspiration from the original UK version, it’s filmed in the same place too.

The addictive reality show sees a group of strangers move into the same block of flats, but they never meet.

Our gang of contestants can only use The Circle – which works similar to social media – to communicate as they battle to become the ‘influencer’ in the group but gaining the most likes.

They have to avoid being ‘blocked’ or eliminated from the game in order to win the $100,000 (£73,521) cash prize.

The catch is that each person is free to either be their authentic selves or become a ‘catfish’ (adopt a fake persona) as they decide the best way to play the game.

So where exactly does all the fun go down? Here’s what we know…

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The same Manchester apartments are used in the UK and US version (Picture: Netflix)

Where is Netflix’s The Circle US filmed?

Surprisingly, it has been reported that The Circle US contestants were holed up in the same Manchester apartment building as the UK contestants.

Yep, it was all filmed in Salford, England.

The contestants moved into individual flats decorated with modern furnishings including plush bedding, swanky kitchen appliances, and plenty of house plants.

One of the building’s features is a large circle on the outside, which is lit up with LED lights.

However, there are some scenes from the US because the show features some aerial shots of Chicago and Milwaukee.

The Circle US is available to stream on Netflix.


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