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The Circle: Vithun Illankovan didn’t want to confess to Manrika Khaira over anonymous question drama

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Vithun was blocked from the Circle in savage scenes this week (Picture: PA)

The Circle was thrown into chaos this week when Manrika Khaira decided to block fan favourite Vithun Illankovan in a brutal decision, with ‘boyfriend’ Felix – aka catfish Natalya.

Things came to a head when Vithun confessed to writing a sneaky anonymous question in a game with their co-stars – pretending to be from Felix and suggesting things were ‘moving too fast’ in their relationship.

While Channel 4 viewers were truly living for the sneaky moment, the drama unravelled in a group chat, when he confessed that he was behind the whole thing.

At the time, Manrika insisted that she had forgiven her ‘Circle bro’, but later stated she had lost trust in their bond and sent him packing.

Chatting to about what actually went down, the accountant admitted that he didn’t actually want to come clean about his antics.

‘Until that conversation, I never had the intention of apologising,’ he told us. ‘And even after the whole conversation, I didn’t have the intention of apologising.

My Celebrity Life –

Manrika blocked Vithun after a rollercoaster week (Picture: Channel 4)

‘What happened was, obviously in the edit you see a very shortened version of it, so on the camera it was just Manrika going, “Was it you?” and I go, “Yes it was me.”

‘But in reality what had happened was, she had basically listed why it couldn’t be everyone else. Because Dorothy and Tally were answering the questions, there were only six people that it could’ve been. She obviously said it wasn’t her and so that’s down to five. She said that it wasn’t Felix.

‘Then she said that Gemma visited her the day before and said it wasn’t him. So then that cancels it down to just three people, me, Andy and Syed.’

With Syed (Hashu) offering up another question in broken English, it was clear that he wasn’t behind it, leaving just two players in the mix.

Vithun explained he felt ‘boxed into’ his confession, suggesting things could have been different had it been in a private chat between he and Manrika.

My Celebrity Life –

Vithun confessed he would’ve gone about things differently (Picture: Channel 4)

‘Had it been a one-to-one chat of course I would have [said it was] Andy,’ he continued. ‘I was boxed into a corner where I was really given no choice but to come clean, because she obviously knew it was me over Andy.

‘I feel like I would have looked stupid had I just said it wasn’t…

‘I just felt like I was boxed into it. I knew after that question that whenever the next blocking was, I was going home.’

Despite Vithun’s emotional apologies, Manrika decided to boot him out of the show – telling ‘Felix’ that he had made comments about their budding romance in the influencer chat.

Announcing the blocking to the rest of the group, she wrote: ‘This has been the hardest decision yet and we honestly feel devastated, but me and Felix are agreed on this.

‘It’s been so difficult because we love you all so much. We’ve had to consider so many factors, who we want to continue to get to know and many many more things. This is honestly devastating.

‘It breaks my heart to say that our decision boils down to the most important thing to both of us, loyalty and trust. If that’s broken then what do we have?

‘Therefore the player we’ve decided to block is Vithun.’

The fallout from their decision is still going strong, but who will be next in Manrika’s firing line?

The Circle continues tonight, at 10pm, on Channel 4, with all episodes available to catch up on All4.

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