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The Circle’s eliminated contestant Billy weighs in on blossoming Uncle Syed, Manrika and Felix love triangle

Billy has given his input into the complicated love triangle in The Circle (Picture: Channel 4)

The Circle’s Billy has weighed in on the complicated love triangle between ‘Syed’, Manrika and ‘Felix’ – after discovering the truth about their identities after being eliminated.

After getting caught up in a brutal ‘assassin’ trial, Billy was targeted by Gemma – actually Gladiator’s Hunter star James – who was told to get him out or risk being blocked himself.

While these mind games were going on though, another weird plot began to develop, as Hashu, who is playing as an older man dubbed Uncle Syed, began to catch feelings for real player, Manrika.

At the same time, Manrika had been flirting with paratrooper Felix – who is actually military policewoman Natalya – and at the end of the latest episode ‘coupled up with him’ in a blossoming Circle romance.

Gemma/James eventually succeeded in their task, and Billy was given the push – and now that he’s out, he’s excited to see the rest of the action unfold.

Speaking exclusively to, Billy said: ‘It’s probably frustrating for them watching it, like “what am I doing?! what am I saying?!”

Billy was the latest player blocked from The Circle (Picture: Channel 4)

Billy was shocked to discover he was played by ‘Gemma’ – really named James (Picture: Channel 4)

‘When I see myself and I’m going “yeah he’s real, he’s real,” and they’re the complete opposite of who they say they are, I just think “what an idiot”.

‘But it is so much harder when you’re in there. So much harder to work out, unless obviously there’s a massive red flag. You just want to believe everyone’s real.’

‘I think they all believe each other,’ he added. ‘I don’t think there’s really going to be any… it’s so hard to tell, but I quite like it. It’s quite a good dynamic in the show, I do quite like watching it. I’m just excited to see what happens really.’

Manrika is flirting with ‘Felix’ unaware he’s actually Natalya (Picture: Channel 4)

Hashu can’t tell Manrika how he feels because she doesn’t realise he’s not Uncle Syed (Picture: Channel 4)

The series was filmed in the latter half of last year, with the contestants all holed up in a block of flats in Salford, Manchester, for the course of the game.

Whether they are a catfish or playing as themselves, the aim is to become the most popular in order to win a £100,000 cash prize.

Billy – who played as himself – has no regrets about not taking on a new persona, and said he would ‘do it 100 times more’ even if it meant he didn’t win.


That doesn’t mean he wasn’t shocked by the outcome though.

‘The biggest shock was probably Felix. It absolutely caught me by surprise, because I had a chat with Felix, and my first thought was “yeah it’s a bloke”, she just played it so well,’ he said.

‘People’s catfish are the people they most admire, or people they think are most popular, so you can paint them in any way you want.

‘I was me. If I’m not popular to someone I wasn’t going to change me.

‘Whereas if I’m playing Dave from Up North, who’s a supermodel, and someone says, “I hate football but I love tennis”. I just go “yeah hate football too”. I just think it as catfish you can adapt – I just didn’t want to do that.’

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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