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The Drowning: Viewers suspect Daniel’s dad after spotting hidden clues in episode 2

Viewers became more certain that Daniel was indeed Tom, and he’d been taken from Jodie at the lake.

Jodie invited herself into Daniel’s home and did some snooping around on Tuesday’s show, managing to uncover a few possibly incriminating details.

She found that there were no baby photos of Daniel around the house, which would back up the theory that Daniel was taken from his paternal family as a child.

Mark also forbade Daniel from having a phone during the episode, and Daniel recalled that he moved around a lot as a child.

Mark also told him to stay away from Jill and threatened to take him out of school – suspicious behaviour indeed.

Viewers were quick to point out the clues, and reactions from the past two episodes show some are growing more suspicious of Mark.

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Viewers have their own theories after episode 2 (Picture: Channel 5)

‘Very suspicious no pictures of Daniel as a baby,’ one wrote.

‘Why is he taking him out of school?’ another said.

Even one of the stars was getting involved on social media, with actor Jason Maza who plays D.S Harvey, saying: ‘We moved around a lot.. hmmm. This is all sounding a bit suspect.’










The Drowning continues Wednesday at 9pm on ITV


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