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The Flight Attendant already has viewers hooked as fans praise Kaley Cuoco’s ‘fantastic’ performance

The first three episodes of The Flight Attendant is now available to stream and viewers are totally loving it.

Kaley Cuoco plays the lead role of Cassie in the HBO Max series as she makes her exciting TV return after 12 seasons as Penny in The Big Bang Theory.

The dramatic thriller follows the flight attendant Cassie’s frantic mission to find out what happened after a dream date ended with her waking up next to her lover’s dead body in bed the next morning. Eek!

After devouring the first three hours of the limited series, fans flocked to Twitter to share their praise for the captivating drama.

‘Watched all 3 eps of #TheFlightAttendant already. hooked,’ one fan tweeted.

Another commented: ‘Hey guys, #TheFlightAttendant is entertaining, intriguing, and funny. It’s a #Thanksgiving Quarantine miracle!’

Fans think The Flight Attendant should land Kaley Cuoco all the awards (Picture: HBOMax)

One fan wrote: ‘The flight attendant is,absolutely amazing wow #TheFlightAttendant #hbomax. (sic)’

While another stated: ‘I absolutely LOVE #TheFlightAttendant it’s sooooooooo good Kaley Cuoco is doing a fantastic job I’m completely hooked.’



The praise didn’t stop there as another fan tweeted: ‘#TheFlightAttendant is definitely one of the my favorite HBO Max Shows ever. I was praise the element of Comedy and Drama and Kaley Cusco performance. (sic)’

One asked: ‘Can we talk about #TheFlightAttendant !!! Omg I love the cast! Need the book now! HBO never misses with their shows!’



While one fan stated: ‘Just finished watching the first 3 episodes of #TheFlightAttendant 3 words: OH MY MIRANDA. They really left us on a cliffhanger like that????? I neeeeed more right now!!’

Some fans called for Kaley to get accololades for her performance as one wrote: ‘Kaley Cuoco is FANTASTIC in #TheFlightAttendant!! She should be a movie star. I love this little psychedelic s**tshow! Give the girl an #emmy nom now. (sic)’

Another commented: ‘Just watched the first episode of #TheFlightAttendant and it was amazing! @MerleDandridge and Kaley Cuoco rocked it!’


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