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The Flight Attendant: Who killed Alex Sokolov in the HBO Max series?

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The Flight Attendant focuses on one big question – Who killed Alex Sokolov? (Provider: HBOMax)

***Warning: Major spoilers ahead for The Flight Attendant on HBO Max***

Kaley Cuoco’s character Cassie Bowden finds herself at the center of a murder mystery in her thrilling new series, The Flight Attendant, but did she do it?

Based on Chris Bohjalian’s novel of the same name, Cuoco’s protagonist’s dream date in Bangkok ends up with the bloody corpse of businessman Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman) in her bed.

After Cassie does the worst thing possible by cleaning up the room and running back to New York, we soon learn there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to the brutal murder.

So, who killed Alex Sokolov? We take a look at the main suspects.

Did Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) kill Alex Sokolov?

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Cassie was the first main suspect… (Provider: HBOMax)

The first episode makes you wonder if the troubled alcoholic could somehow be the type to commit murder, but once she remembers someone else was around during her date it becomes safe to say she’s innocent.

Plus, in the books, Cassie quickly (and correctly) comes to the conclusion that she didn’t kill Alex.

There is scope for the show to somehow have a huge plot twist that’s completely different from the source material but that seems unlikely.

Did Miranda Croft (Michelle Gomez) kill Alex Sokolov?

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However, Miranda clearly ends lives for a living (Provider: HBOMax)

By episode three, it feels safe to bet your money on Miranda being Alex’s killer.

The fact she is trying to finish the job by getting rid of Cassie makes it hard to imagine anyone else committed the crime.

In the books, we learn that there is more than meets the eye with Miranda and the work she does so time will tell how much the show incorporates into their plot. Watch this space…

Did Alex Sokolov set up his own death?

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Alex was in business with scary people so maybe he had to do something extreme because of a bad deal?(Provider: HBOMax)

We’ve seen enough crime dramas and real-life shockers to know that you can never truly rule out the dead man.

Especially when the victim was involved in illegal activity with a lot of dangerous people!

It would be cruel to find out Alex planned this all along and dumped Cassie in the middle of this mess. Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

Did Buckley Ware (Colin Woodell) kill Alex Sokolov?

Everyone is an option in these kinds of shows, especially the ‘cute stranger’ Cassie meets at the bar after running away from a crime scene.

In the books, Buckley turns out to have some very important connections which indicates his friendship with Cassie is not in her best interests.


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