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The funniest, strangest Judge Rinder cases we’ve seen so far

Judge Rinder has its fair share of serious and emotional cases – but sometimes cases can be hilarious.

Perhaps it features a silly reason to sue someone, or something else in the courtroom makes the judge laugh.

The show has also had its fair share of jaw-dropping and shocking moments.

Here are some of the funniest and most WTF cases on the hit ITV daytime programme…

What are the funniest and stranger Judge Rinder cases ever?

Gizmo the anxious cat

Sandra from Glasgow became a viral hit on Twitter after she started laughing on the sly during her case.

Sandra was a guest on the show after a friend, Nikki, sued her for £1,500 – all because Sandra’s dog Max had allegedly ‘tried to have sex’ with her cat Gizmo.

Nikki claimed she needed the money for vet bills, as Gizmo suffered from ‘anxiety and depression’ after the incident.

She then asked for a ‘heartfelt apology’ for her feline pet’s trauma – and it was during her apology that Sandra stifled a laughing fit.

The episode was quickly dubbed the show’s most ‘ridiculous’ ever. But amazingly, Nikki won the case, receiving £1,250 from Judge Rinder.

Fighting before court even begins

Unable to wait for the case to begin, Amy and her aunt Karen bickered away on camera – before Judge Rinder had even taken his seat.

He quickly admonished them, asking them to prove they understood how to behave in court.

‘Milk, tobacco, cat food, weed’

During a counterclaim, one contestant appealed to be paid back for doing the shopping.

One of the items that repeatedly popped up on the accounts was ‘weed’.

Judge Rinder joked that the contestant was a keen gardener, but it was later revealed that the ‘weed’ was in reference to the drug cannabis – much to the amusement of the audience.

The guilty part ‘fessed up to the crime pretty quickly, with Judge Rinder making note of his repetitive shopping list: ‘Milk, tobacco, cat food, weed’.

The time Judge Rinder got distracted by a dog

Unlike in a real courtroom, animals often pop up on the hit ITV series.

During one case, Judge Rinder cracked up and couldn’t contain his laughter – thanks to a dog in the courtroom wearing a wedding dress.

Judge Rinder was sent into hysterics when the dogs began to … consummate their marriage right in the court room.


This shocking affair reveal

In a compilation of the series’ most shocking moments, we first meet a woman describing a dispute with a friend over missed payments on a loan.

At one minute 50 seconds, gasps emerge from the court when the same woman reveals the accused is also having an affair with her husband – while living in her house as a favour.

Not funny, but definitely jaw-dropping.

A defendant insults another women’s boobs

One of the stranger Judge Rinder moments was the battle of the boobs.

In a case over publicising a show on social media, Judge Rinder and the complainant are both flabbergasted when the defendant suddenly starts talking about the complainant’s breast size.

‘As you can see, she’s a large-breasted woman,’ the complainant says, while Judge Rinder quipped back: ‘I hadn’t noticed.’

‘Well you can hardly miss them, put it that way.’

This man who traded a car he hadn’t paid for

Dubbed by the official YouTube channel as ‘the most moronic thing’ that Judge Rinder has dealt with, this case involved missing payment for a car that was bought – to the tune of around £3,000.

The ‘moronic’ part comes in when the defendant – who was missing payments while the seller was serving in Afghanistan – said he had sold the car.

Actually, he’d traded it in for £1,200 and a shiny new BMW.

Judge Rinder’s reply elicited a few titters from the courtroom.

Adorable small children taking the stand

In a 2018 Christmas special, no one was expecting these adorable children to take to the stand.

The ‘crime’ on trial included three-year-old Evie taking on her young cousin, Elliott, for ‘purposefully snapping her magic wand’.

Evie confessed she thought boys were ‘smelly’ and Elliot claimed his main interest was ‘blind dinosaurs’.

Elliott confesses to the crime of breaking the wand straight away, but then accuses Evie of ‘farting on his hand’.

Of course, the courtroom was in stitches.

These ‘disappointing’ wedding photos

Giggles were stifled in the audience as Judge Rinder viewed a complainant’s ‘disappointing’ wedding photos.

Stills included the bride looking grumpily at a Ferrero Rocher stand, the bride lying on the floor in the heat with her dressed pulled up, and even a bridesmaid snapped picking her toenails in a private moment.

Bafflingly, the photographer defends his unusual shots on the stand – even refusing to apologise.

Judge Rinder is on ITV on weekdays at 2pm.

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