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The Girl Before star Jessica Plummer praises show’s ‘brilliant’ intimacy coordinator: ‘I felt extremely safe’

Jessica acts alongside fellow former EastEnders star Ben Hardy (Picture: BBC/42/Amanda Searle)

The Girl Before star Jessica Plummer gave insight into how the cast worked closely under the eye of intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien and explained the ’safe’ practices she brought to set.

The BBC drama tells the story of Jane (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who becomes the tenant of a super minimalist property, designed by mysterious architect Edward (David Oyelowo).

There’s one catch; she must live by his very specific set of rules and has limits on what and who she can bring into her life, and her new home.

But she soon ends up making some shocking discoveries about the titular ‘girl before’ Emma (Jessica Plummer), who met a grisly end three years previously.

Amid coming to grips with the initial plotline, the series also made for some more difficult scenes for the cast during production, with some very intimate moments to film.

Speaking to press including ahead of the show’s release, the former EastEnders actress praised intimacy coach Ita for her work on-set.

‘Ita O’Brien is such a brilliant intimacy coordinator,’ Jessica begun, as she went on to detail the process of the scenes.

Jessica detailed how the stars learnt intimate scenes ‘like a routine’ (Picture: BBC/42/Amanda Searle)

‘We met, we did rehearsals, we spoke in advance about things that we were comfortable with and we did warm ups.

‘Every time we gave consent, before we did anything.’

The job of an intimacy coordinator is to guide actors through scenes which involve sex or nudity, to make sure they feel safe, protected and have given proper consent.

Jessica gave further insight into how the cast worked through these sorts of scenes.

Architect Edward (L) becomes obsessed with both Jane (R) and Emma (Picture: BBC/42/Amanda Searle)

‘Our approach was kind of just seeing it as like a dance that we gave it beats.

‘There was there was a structure that was like a routine, So we knew it was just very choreographed,’ she added.

The actress commended Ita for making her feel ‘extremely safe’ throughout the process.

‘Just knowing that before we had filmed it, that was set in place, it made the scene as easy to film as any other,’ she concluded.

Ita is known for her work as an intimacy coordinator and has been involved with some of the biggest shows of the last few years.

Most notably, she assisted the cast of Normal People in the heart-wrenching series based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name.

Ita’s also helped on out on shows such as Sex Education, I May Destroy You and Gentleman Jack as well as numerous stage productions and films.

In 2017, she introduced ‘Intimacy On Set Guidelines’, to help protect performers during scenes that involve sex or nudity,

The Girl Before begins tonight at 9pm on BBC One. 


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