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The Grand Tour’s James May ‘dunked in giant vat of poo’ in vile task filming A Massive Hunt

The 57-year-old and his co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are returning for their latest adventure, A Massive Hunt, later this month, but some scenes will definitely leave you retching.

Explaining what happened, James revealed that he was left covered in excrement as part of their new adventure – and ‘wouldn’t recommend it’ in the slightest.

You don’t say.

Speaking to The Sun, James explained: ‘It was worse than garlic under your fingernails that’s for sure, it smelt absolutely appalling.

‘I did jump in the sea a few times, I jumped in the swimming pool, my apologies to the owners, and I got most of it off fairly quickly, although I got covered in it again.

‘But you’re never quite sure if it’s all gone, that’s the trouble with those things.’

‘I didn’t become ill or anything like that so I must have done a reasonably good job of scrubbing myself up,’ he added. ‘I wouldn’t recommend it though.’

Being dropped into a bath of poo is only one of the many, many, weird moments to come from the upcoming episodes, with Jeremy revealing the team were left disturbed after discovering a woman in a street being held in stocks.

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A Massive Hunt will drop on December 18 (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

The medieval torture device – where your hands and head are held in a block of wood – haven’t been used for centuries in the UK.

A Massive Hunt became known as The Madagascar Special over the course of 2020, with fans waiting for over a year to see it hit screens.

It was shot largely before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with Jeremy, Richard and James all launching solo shows shortly afterwards.

Richard’s solo effort – a desert island show alongside MythBusters’ Tory Belleci, is expected to land early next year.

The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt starts December 18 on Amazon Prime Video.


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