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The Love Trap: Meet the singletons looking for love in Joel Dommett’s new Channel 4 dating show

Is romance in the air on the new series? (Picture: Channel 4)

The cast has been revealed for new Channel 4 dating show The Love Trap has been revealed, with one eligible bachelor looking for love in a mansion full of singletons.

The Masked Singer host Joel Dommett is on hand to oversee the action – but all is not as it seems.

While there will be eight women in the mansion to keep bachelor David Birtwistle (star of Too Hot To Handle) company, only half of them are genuinely looking to meet someone special.

The other half are in relationships and playing for the cash prize.

Oh, and when one of the women is eliminated by David at the end of each episode, they’ll be quite literally dumped through a trapdoor.

Here’s everything you need to know about the contestants taking on The Love Trap.


The bachelor previously starred in Too Hot To Handle (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

Personal trainer David will be familiar to fans of Too Hot to Handle, and he’s on the lookout for love this time around too.

Speaking about his wishlist for a prospective partner, he said: ‘She has to be outgoing, and fun, and bubbly, I want a best friend as well as a partner. And someone who’s driven, that they want to achieve in their life, and they want to go places.’


Dancer Chloe is one the lookout for a new man (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

Professional ballroom and Latin dancer Chloe, 22, has a pretty clear idea of what she’s after from the new series.

‘I came in there for one thing, and that definitely was to meet somebody,’ she said. ‘I can work, I can make money. I’ve never relied on anyone else for money. I work hard for it, so if I want money, I’ll make it myself. I’ve come on here to try and make myself a better person in terms of letting my walls down and things like that.’


Could Demi be the one for David? (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

Demi is a model, dancer and actress from Liverpool, who had a fantastic time on the series.

The 28-year-old said: ‘I absolutely loved being with the girls and I really loved getting to know David and we honestly had the best time.’

‘It was a rollercoaster. One day I was crying, the next day I was happy and the next day I was doing a catwalk or the splits and the next day I’m losing my head, about to kick off. You get so wrapped up in it.’


The 25-year-old is looking a sense of humour (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

Barnsley local Eleanor works in customer service and NHS admin – and she’s got a pretty clear picture of the man she’s looking for.

‘I feel like my typical type is just your typical tall, dark, and handsome. Someone who makes me laugh, someone that I can trust. I don’t ask for much, so where’s my man at?!’ she said.


Could the 23-year-old be the one to win the prize? (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

Essex girl Elise is a masters student, who is looking for a good sense of humours in her next partner.

‘I like big shoulders and dark hair, but I want someone that can make me belly laugh. It’s not like when you crack a joke and you’re politely like, “Oh, ha ha ha.” Someone who can literally make me laugh so much you can’t breathe and you feel like you’re getting a six pack. I want that!’


The office manager is in the mix in the new series (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

While other singletons might be less sure about what they’re after, J’Harie has a pretty clear idea.

‘I would definitely say that love is more important to me, but obviously money is sweet as well. Makes the world go round,’ said the 26-year-old office manager.


Kelly went in with a positive outlook (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

She spends her days working as a dog groomer in Birmingham, and Kelly describes herself as a very positive person.

‘I’m quite a bubbly person. I always like to see the positives in situations,’ the 26-year-old said. ‘I’m more of a glass half full than a glass half empty kind of girl. Generally happy, bubbly, positive. I mean don’t cross me at the same time, I’m a Leo, so I’ve got that fire inside of me sometimes when needed.’


Saran is hoping the series blows up (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

Saran, who is a 25-year-old classical musician originally from Wales, thinks there’s a huge amount of potential in the new series.

‘It’s something new and exciting, and I think that’s why it drew my attention a little more than something like Love Island because God knows what could happen with this show. It could blow up!’ she said.


Thea has a clear idea of what she wants (Picture: Ray Burmiston/Channel 4)

Waitress Thea from Sussex has a clear idea who she’s after, and she values ambition as one of the most important things they can have.

‘I’m looking for someone that is a bit older than me, someone who’s got their life together and got ambition. Someone that has got a good sense of humour, not a pretty boy, but someone that definitely cares about what they look like. Someone that’s into fitness.

Someone that’s confident. So I don’t ask for much!’

The Love Trap begins on Channel 4 on October 20 at 10pm.


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