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The Mandalorian Season 2 ending: Luke Skywalker twist kept secret until filming

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2.

Gina Carano has revealed that The Mandalorian’s twist at the end of the latest season was kept secret from her until the day of shooting.

The ending of season 2 of The Mandalorian caught many by surprise. With things looking dire for Din Djarin and his crew as they tried to take out the series’ villain Moff Gideon, a strange hooded figure appears.

It’s soon revealed that the figure is none other than Luke Skywalker himself, who comes to take Grogu – or Baby Yoda if you like – away to train as a Jedi.

It’s an exciting moment for any Star Wars fan, and it seems that surprise also extended to the cast.

Gina Carano, who plays the tough brawler Cara Dune, was speaking to YouTube podcast Drunk 3PO when she called The Mandalorian ‘the most secretive thing that [she’s] ever been a part of’.

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Gina Carano plays rebel warrior Cara Dune in the Star Wars series. (Pictrue: Hollywood Archive)

Carano said: ‘I started finding out about it in the makeup trailer, basically because you’re like, “Oh wait, who’s that?” And because they didn’t say it in the script’

‘Everyone that has worked on The Mandalorian is insane, like insane Star Wars fans. And they have the shirts, and they’re like, “Wait a second.” And so, everybody starts doing a little whispering.’

Carano went on to explain the process around the show and its secrets. She said: ‘You only get the scripts that you’re in. And they’ve got a name printed out all over it so if anything ever gets out… I can keep a lot of secrets and I have all the secrets. All of them!’

However, it seems like we will have quite the wait on our hands to find out what happens to Grogu, Luke Skywalker and the Mandalorian himself. The next Star Wars series is going to be The Book of Boba Fett, which is set to premiere in December 2021.

The third season of the Mandalorian isn’t expected until after that, so it looks like we might even have a couple of years before we find out where this story is headed.

The Mandalorian is available to stream on Disney Plus.


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