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The Masked Singer UK: Sausage’s costume was originally going to be extremely different

On the new series of The Masked Singer UK, there are certain costumes among the line-up that have been causing quite a stir among fans of the show.

Out of all the celebrity contestants, Sausage has to have one of the most striking outfits, wrapped up in a newspaper cone, surrounded by chips and styled with a pair of trendy jeans.

But Sausage’s costume could have turned out completely differently had the costume designers gone with the initial brief for the character.

Speaking to, The Masked Singer UK costume designer Tim Simpson revealed that they decided to make changes to the original idea for the character as it wasn’t quite working.

‘Sausage wasn’t going to be Sausage in the beginning,’ Tim said. ‘Sausage started as a cone of chips and that was the original brief – we want a cone of chips.

‘I thought, “Ok fine,” but a cone of chips doesn’t have a face, and I don’t know where to put a face on a cone of chips.’

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Imagine if Sausage never existed on The Masked Singer UK? (Picture: ITV/PA)

To try and get round the difficulty of not being able to put a face on a cone of chips, Tim decided to try adding a gherkin to the mix.

‘So I then stuck a gherkin in the cone of chips and the gherkin looked really weird, it looked sort of [like a] scary troll,’ he recalled.

Which is when the lightning bulb idea came to transform the costume into an unforgettable Sausage.

‘I thought, “Can we get away with doing Sausage?” Because, you know, there’s a little bit of mischief to Sausage. And they said, “Yeah, this is it. We’re going to go [with] Sausage.”’

And the rest is history!

Fortunately, for The Masked Singer UK, the currently unidentified celebrity hidden in the Sausage costume brought the eccentric character ‘to life’, Tim said.

‘The moment the performer got into costume, it came to life,’ he stated.

‘These costumes look fun when they’re sitting on a shelf, they look attractive, they’re lovely. But it’s not until you’ve got a performer in them that they really come to life.

‘Sausage put on that costume and just stormed out onto the set and the audience knew exactly what they were dealing with. The performer knew that they’d got a really fun costume to play with.

‘And then you’ve got an incredible voice coming out of it, which almost knocks you for six because you impose an idea of what Sausage is going to sound like.’

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Tim compares Sausage’s vocal talents to the ‘angelic voice’ of Viking (Picture: ITV/Vincent Dolman/REX)

Tim compared the impact Sausage’s unexpected vocal talents had to that of Viking, who surprisingly turned out to have the ‘voice of an angel’ when they took to the stage.

‘Sausage and Viking are really cartoony. And they feel like they should both be so crazy and jolly, and then Viking actually becomes this angelic voice which sails out across the audience, and I think people were really taken aback,’ he said.

‘I think that juxtaposition of the look of the costume and the voice of the performer is something that’s quite fun to play with.’

Tonight, Sausage’s costume has had a slight change to feature a new headline on its newspaper wrapping, in reference to its victory over Badger in the launch show.

While there are many people who believe Sausage could be Stacey Solomon in disguise, only time will tell if she is the voice behind the fabulous costume.

The Masked Singer UK airs tonight at 7pm on ITV.


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