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The Repair Shop: Jay Blades was called a ‘black b*****d’ aged 14 during vicious attack by laughing policemen

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The Repair Shop star recalls laughing policeman calling him a ’black b******d’ while beating him aged 14 (Picture: Rex Features)

The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades has recalled the harrowing moment laughing policemen ‘beat the s*** out him’ while calling him a ‘black b****d’ at the age of 14.

The television star revealed he was forced to endure racism regularly while growing up in the UK after his mother Barbara moved to Britain from Barbados five years before giving birth to him.

On one particular occasion, the now 51-year-old was left to fend for himself after a van pulled up and a group of policemen jumped out to attack him as he walked home in north west London.

In an extract from his new book, Making It, obtained by The Mirror, Jay wrote: ‘The back doors swung open, and there were five or six uniformed policemen sitting in the van waiting for me. They didn’t even bother to search me. They just beat the s**t out of me.

‘It was brutal. They were laying into me with fists, feet and truncheons, and all I could do was roll into a ball on the floor of the van and wait, pray, for it to end. It probably lasted two minutes, but it felt a lot, lot longer.’

Discussing the harrowing encounter further, Jay added: ‘They were laughing: ‘This’ll show you, black b*d”. When they’d had enough, they chucked me out and drove off.’

My Celebrity Life –

Jay Blades recalled policemen ‘beating the s*** out him’ while calling him a ‘black b****d’ at the age of 14 (Picture: ITV)

My Celebrity Life –

The TV star said for Black people it was ‘normal’ to be attacked by policemen in the eighties (Picture: Instagram Jay Blades)

Shockingly, the BBC One star added that the horrifying treatment of the Black community at the hands of policemen was a ‘normal occurrence in the ’80s’.

Offering further insight, he said: ‘They’d throw you out in an area that was predominantly white, and you’d have to find your way out of that area because if the racists saw you there, they’d chase you.’

Jay added that it was impossible to report such incidents because ‘you’d be reporting it to the racist police’.

My Celebrity Life –

Jay’s mother Barbara moved to the UK from Barbados aged 13 and had Jay five years later (Picture: Instagram Jay Blades)

As a result of the extreme racism he faced, Furniture designer Jay got into regular fights, dropped out of school and became homeless.

He eventually turned his life around by going to university.

He’s now known as the founder of Jay & Co, a social enterprise that helps the disadvantaged and has also been involved in the charity Out Of The Dark.

The Repair Shop airs Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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