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The Simpsons animators had to add face masks to Treehouse of Horror XXXI to make it timely

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The Simpsons add face masks to the Treehouse of Horror XXXI (Picture: @thesimpsons)

The Simpsons creators have told how they had to add coronavirus face masks to this year’s Treehouse of Horror XXXI at a much ‘later’ date.

The Halloween-themed episode, which was meant to launch yesterday, has now been pushed back until next month.

The official Twitter account for the yellow cartoon revealed fans would have to wait until November for the spooky instalment.

The Simpsons has an uncanny knack of predicting the future – whether it’s the coronavirus outbreak or Donald Trump’s presidency.

But what they perhaps couldn’t have predicted is that the Americans would be casting their vote in the middle of a pandemic.

In a first-look clip of the Treehouse of Horror XXXI, we see that the citizens of Springfield (apart from Homer) are abiding by government laws by wearing a face covering.

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Homer couldn’t decide who to vote for… (Picture: @thesimpsons)

The short trailer shows Homer in the voting booth as he thinks about who he is going to vote for president.

‘I know who I want for all the judges and propositions, but president? That’s a stuffer, can I write in Judge Judy?’ Homer questions.

His daughter Lisa then pops into the booth wearing her face mask, as she says in anger: ‘You’re hesitating over president? Dad by all that’s decent how can you forget everything that’s happened over the last four years?’

Showrunner Al Jean explained that they added the masks into the episode ‘much later’ on.

‘We said, “Put everyone in a mask in Springfield except Homer”. [The masks] look different on everybody. It was great,’ he explained to Yahoo!

When the episode does finally air, it will show three mini-stories – all taking on a popular movie with their titles.

This year will see Toy Gory (Toy Story), Into the Homerverse (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), and Be Kind, Rewind (Be Kind Rewind).

The Treehouse of Horror special has been a Halloween tradition of The Simpsons since 1990, and we cannot wait to see what this year’s horrifying twist will bring.

Treehouse of Horror XXXI will now air on Fox in the US, November 1.


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