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The Sister viewers predict weird Bob twist as Nathan believes he’s being haunted by Elise after her death

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Bob, played by Bertie Carvel, freaked people out (Picture: ITV)

Warning: Contains spoilers for episode one.

The Sister turned out to be perfect viewing the spooky season as the launch episode saw Nathan (Russell Tovey) believe he was being haunted by his wife Holly’s (Amrita Acharia) dead sister Elise (Simone Ashley).

We learned that Nathan was somehow involved in Elise’s death, only Holly has no idea.

Also in on his dark secret is the mysterious Bob (Bertie Carvel), seemingly a friend of Nathan’s who was there the night Elise died.

Bob spent the episode trying to convince his pal to return to where they left her body. He also believed that she might be alive and his taunting him about what happened.

Nathan wasn’t convinced, but after hearing a bizarre recording of a woman saying: ‘I’m not dead’ and things in his house appearing to move on their own, he thought there may be some truth to Bob’s ramblings.

But viewers have their own theories about who the strange, lank-haired man really is.

My Celebrity Life –

Bob tried to convince Nathan to return to where Elise’s body is buried (Picture: ITV)

Taking to Twitter after the episode, some voiced the opinion that Bob isn’t actually real.






‘Theories so far, bob is either in nathans’s head and he’s losing it’ one said, ‘or he’s a cop/plant/in cahoots with the wife to get the husband to put some blooming lights on…….I mean confess!’

Another tweeted: ‘Is Bob real? I know the wife talked briefly to him… but was she just humouring her (stressed/ill) husband?’

‘Is Bob actually real or a figment of his imagination’ wrote another.

One viewer said: ‘I don’t think Bob is real! But is all in the other guys head’ while a another mused: ‘I’m thinking Bob is imaginary’.

My Celebrity Life –

Nathan, racked by guilt, thinks he’s being haunted by Elise (Picture: ITV)

While Bob being imaginary would be one heck of a twist, it’s worth noting that Bob interacted with Holly and showed up at Nathan’s place of work (assuming anyone saw him).

Meanwhile other viewers suspect it was actually Bob who killed Elise, or Holly and Bob are working together to get Nathan to confess.

Luckily we don’t have to wait a week to find out what happens next, as The Sister is airing over the next three nights.

The Sister continues Tuesday at 9pm on ITV.


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