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The wait is over as Netflix finally adds iconic Dawson’s Creek theme song to episodes

Dawson’s Creek is finally back for real (Picture: Warner Bros)

Netflix has finally fixed the Dawson’s Creek theme song.

Fans of the ’90s teen drama or whoever decided to binge this iconic show when it landed on the streamer in November of last year, might have noticed that the intro music was, well… different.

In fact, the show was lacking the tunes of Paula Cole’s absolute bop I Don’t Want to Wait over the intro sequence.

Instead, it was replaced by Run Like Mad by Canadian folk artist Jann Arden and we can’t blame people for making the best use of that Skip Intro button.

But now the wait is over: I Don’t Want to Wait is here to stay and for you to bellow along as you binge through Dawson’s Creek again.

The streamer announced the chance on their Twitter on Friday writing: ‘Dawson’s Creek fans, I’m thrilled to announce that – at long last – you will hear Paula Cole’s iconic song I Don’t Want to Wait when you watch the opening credits!’ can confirm that the change has indeed been finalised and you can listen to the new-old version on Netflix right now!

I Don’t Want to Wait was first replaced in the DVD version of the series starting from season three due to the fact that Sony, when first licencing the song, did not acquire the right for home-video and online streaming.

Fans have been calling for years for the song to be reinstated but the road to see it back in its rightful place was not easy.

Sony’s new deal with Cole, which allows her song to be used across all streaming platforms, is actually for a re-recorded new master of the song.

The song however doesn’t seem to be as memorable in the minds of the show’s stars – James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes – as it is to fans.

In a 2018 reunion hosted by Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Kevin Williamson challenged the cast to sing the theme song of the show (only eight lines of Cole’s full song).

Only Busy Philipps, who played Audrey Liddell on the show, was up to the challenge, singing most of the chorus.

The stars of the show don’t even seem to remember the theme music (Picture: Warner Bros)

She also shared some trivia about the song, with is ‘apparently about World War II’.

‘He came home from war and there was a baby waiting for him – that’s, like, essentially the lyrics. You can look it up. It’s about a soldier returning from war.’

‘When you hear it on the radio, do you guys all get warm fuzzies? added Meredith Monroe who played Andie McPhee. ‘Because I do!’

And we certainly do now.


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