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The Walking Dead urges homophobic viewers to stop watching in powerful statement supporting LGBT fans

The Walking Dead team has fiercely stood behind their LGBT fanbase ahead of season 10’s return – making clear the show has no space for homophobes.

Posting a statement on all social media channels last night, the apocalypse zombie series made it undeniably clear that the show would not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

In fact, if you felt that way, they would rather you not be in the fanbase at all.

The short but powerful statement read: ‘Hi, hello. If LGBTQ+ characters on television (or anywhere) make you uncomfortable or angry, please unfollow us.

‘While we also encourage you to look within and be more accepting, know that there is no place in our fandom for hateful discrimination or wilful ignorance. Thank you.’

The comment is believed to have stemmed after spin-off show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, saw characters Felix (Nico Tortorella) and Will (Jelani Alladin) reunite and kiss on screen.

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The series is returning in February (Picture: AMC)

Speaking about the scene in the Talk Dead To Me podcast on Monday, Jelani said: ‘It was just two men who happen to be in love. Period.

‘There was no need to kind of explain any further, and I love that The Walking Dead is putting that forward, that LGBTQ relationships aren’t any different than any other kinds of relationships.

‘They have the same struggles, they have the same complexities. They get mad at each other, they love each other just as hard.

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The comment is believed to have stemmed from discussion about Will and Felix (above). (Picture: AMC)

‘Particularly with Will and Felix, these are two Alphas. They’re two really strong, independent men trying to find a way to love each other through their mess.’

He later added: ‘To have a character that is so kind of willing to create space for other people in that way is very empowering to play.’

Following the statement from the main Walking Dead team, Jelani added on Twitter: ‘Forever this. Proud to be back at work on [The World Beyond] and bring this LGBTQIA relationship to life.


The Walking Dead airs on Fox in the UK.


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