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The Witcher season 2: Final episode explained as Geralt and Ciri’s adventure reaches demonic ending

Geralt uncovers some hellish truths (Picture: Netflix/Jay Maidment)

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Witcher season 2.

The release date for The Witcher season 2 saw all eight of the new episodes drop on Netflix, as the latest chapter of the journey unfolding for Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), Princess Ciri (Freya Allan) and Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra) was revealed.

Many fans have already watched it from start to finish, with the action-packed finale sparking lots of questions about where the story will lead in season 3.

The cast of the show found themselves in a story rife with brand new monsters and threats, which has still only scratched the surface of the lore created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

With the final episode of the season teasing plenty of doom to come, here’s a breakdown of what happened.

What happened at the end of The Witcher season 2?

Ciri is possessed by an evil force

Earlier in the series, it was revealed that sorceresses Fringilla (Mimî M Khayisa), Francesca Findabair (Mecia Simson) and Yennefer had been offered separate deals by the Deathless Mother, a demon from another realm otherwise known as Voleth Meir.

At first, it seems like there might not be a way out for Ciri (Picture: Netflix/Jay Maidment)

Yennefer was offered the chance to have her magic restored if she brought Ciri to Voleth Meir, agreeing to sacrifice the child for her own gain.

In the end she decided against it after realising how special Ciri was, but the young princess ended up becoming possessed by Voleth Meir anyway, as the demon needed a new vessel to prey on people’s pain when her hut burnt down.

Following episodes showing Ciri being trained in the art of combat at Kaer Morhen, in the finale, the youngster clashes swords with Geralt himself in an epic duel.

However, it is of course Voleth Meir in the duel, as the real Ciri is trapped in a vision in her head, where she is back at court in the kingdom of Cintra with her grandmother and parents, as Geralt tries desperately to save her from the fantasy.

Yennefer tries to redeem herself

Despite clearly still being in love with Yennefer, Geralt cannot forgive that she even considered sacrificing Ciri, who he regards as his own child and who sees him as a father she never had.

Yennefer originally planned on killing Ciri for her own gain (Picture: Netflix/Jay Maidment)

When the possessed Ciri is fighting against Geralt and the other witchers, her scream causes a monolith inside the sacred Medallion Tree to open, unleashing monstrous basilisks from another realm.

As the creatures successfully kill several witchers in brutal fashion, while the bard Jaskier (Joey Batey) cowers under a table, Yennefer decides to sacrifice herself, slitting her wrists so that she can become the new vessel for Voleth Meir.

A glimpse into the hellish unknown

Once Voleth Meir has been expelled from her body, Ciri’s mind returns to the real world.

Geralt tells her to use her powers to banish the monsters back through the monolith into the realm from which they came, considering she had the ability to bring them to their world in the first place.

The witchers banded together to fight Ciri while she was being possessed (Picture: Netflix)

In doing so, Ciri accidentally transports herself, Yennefer and Geralt to a different plane, which seems like an absolute hellscape.

Having come from the different realm herself, Voleth Meir leaves Yennefer’s body, as the ‘Wild Hunt’ – a horde of demonic soldiers riding on equally terrifying horses – call on Ciri to join them, as ‘the child of the Elder blood, the starry-eyed daughter of chaos’.

However, Ciri manages to transport herself and her two companions back to Kaer Morhen in time.

Not only does this turn of events hint at the greater insight viewers are going to have into Ciri’s power and destiny in season three, but the disappearance of Voleth Meir also results in Yennefer’s ability to use magic returning.

The master villain is revealed

One thing that Geralt couldn’t wrap his head around was the fact that Nilfgaard has known from the start that Ciri has a special power inside of her.

What he didn’t know – a fact that wasn’t revealed until the final shot of season two – was that her father Duny (Bart Edwards), who was believed to be dead, is actually the person pulling the strings.

As fans will remember, when Geralt claimed the Law of Surprise at the wedding of Ciri’s mother, Pavetta, Duny – her lover – had been cursed to have the appearance of a hedgehog.

He clearly is a man of little mercy, saying that he ordered the death of Francesca’s baby, who in turn decided to murder human babies in her grief.

Cahir (Eamon Farren), the Nilfgaardian army commander, was following his orders on his chase for Ciri, as viewers realise that Duny is the one and only White Flame, the emperor of Nilfgaard.

What the White Flame has planned for his daughter remains to be seen.

Will there be a third season?

Fortunately, a third season of The Witcher has already been confirmed.

While it will be a while until fans can see what the creators of the show have cooked up, theories are already swirling over where the story may lead next.

The Witcher is available to watch on Netflix.


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