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This Is My House star kicks off over penis bottle opener in chaotic scenes: ‘My kids are going to see this!’

My Celebrity Life –
‘Fern 3’ kicked off over a penis bottle opener on This Is My House (Picture: BBC)

A This Is My House contestant caused chaos as she kicked off over a penis bottle opener.

The premise of the new BBC show – which is already our new obsession – sees four people walk into a home and declare it their own, while celebrity judges try to work out who the real owner is.

If the star-studded panel guess right, the winner bags a £1,000 prize – cue lots of lies and some catty jibes from the contestants.

Things became chaotic at one point during the first episode when host Stacey Dooley showed Fern three (Laura) and Fern four (Michael) around the kitchen of a Kent property.

Fern four rifled through a secret drawer in the swanky room, when he pulled out a penis bottle opener – which was tastefully blurred out by producers.

‘That is our little secret drawer, and I should probably hide this…,’ he said while brandishing the explicit appliance to a giggling Stacey. ‘Mark bought it for me.’

My Celebrity Life –
Stacey Dooley found the explicit bottle opener hilarious (Picture: BBC)
My Celebrity Life –
Fern 3 was livid over the whole thing… (Picture: BBC)

However, Fern three wasn’t impressed by the whole thing, begging the presenter to get rid of it.

‘Stacey, can you put it away? I’m really sorry… Like my kids are going to see this…’

‘You don’t need your kids seeing that, but then you shouldn’t have bought it,’ Stacey reminded her.

Speaking to the camera, the contestant fumed: ‘I told Mark he should get rid of that. He just holds on to it because it was a really fun stag do of his best friends.

My Celebrity Life –
She begged the producers over the ‘inappropriate’ scenes (Picture: BBC)

‘They went to Majorca and they all brought back these penis openers.

‘Can we not have this… Can we re-shoot this scene, please?’

Speaking to the producers behind the camera, Fern three added: ‘Yeah, I’m really sorry, can we… I just wanted to know whether that thing was going to be in the show? It just feels really inappropriate.

As the producer assured her that they would ‘blur it out’. Stacey laughed: ‘We’re in trouble.’

This wasn’t the only bizarre moment of the premiere, with Fern two doing the absolute most to convince everyone the property was hers.

In fact, she knelt down and licked a sofa as her baffled co-stars looked on.

Well, that’s definitely one way to do it…

Thankfully, Fern two – aka the actual Fern – was unveiled as the true homeowner so the sofa-licking wasn’t that weird.

This Is My House continues on Wednesdays, at 9pm, on BBC One.


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