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This is not a drill – Billie Eilish’s mum starred opposite Matt LeBlanc for iconic Joey Tribbinai scene in Friends

From Bruce Willis to Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, there was a time when everyone who was anyone was gagging for a role in Friends. But back before Billie Eilish was even an embryo, her mum Maggie Baird made a cameo alongside Matt LeBLanc.

Now mother of the biggest popstar on the planet, Maggie was making waves in Hollywood long before Billie was breaking Billboard records, scooping up Grammys and touring the world.

Mama Eilish made several appearances across high-profile series in the 00s and 90s including The X-Files and The West Wing, but popping up in Friends is another level.

In The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance, the out of work actor needs to find a job fast after losing his health benefits just as he develops a hernia.

He puts himself forward for several auditions, clinging on to his side as if he’s been wounded in battle – which, unsurprisingly, isn’t what the casting directors are looking for.

And among those aforementioned casting directors he’s trying to impress is Billie’s mother.

My Celebrity Life –

Maggie starred as ‘casting director #2’ in ‘The One Where Joey Loses his insurance’ (Picture: Warner Bros.)

My Celebrity Life –

Iconic (Picture: Warner Bros.)

Trying to flog a giant bag of dog food turns out to be Joey’s worst nightmare as Billie’s mother, whose character is simply ‘casting director #2’, asks him to pick up the bag which happens to be the size of a small but extremely heavy child.

Instead, he suggests: ‘Or I could just point to it? Blah, blah, blah Purina one. Point to a bag today.’

Quite rightly, his bright idea doesn’t go down so well.

While Friends remains the biggest sitcom of all time, Maggie’s daughter is steadily reaching similar astronomical success in the music industry.

Billie swung by her family home during James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke where Maggie couldn’t have been prouder to discuss the teenager’s achievements.

‘People are like, “How does it feel, she’s at Radio City?” It’s like, it blew my mind when she sang at the Hi Hat. It blew my mind when I sat here and heard Billie and Finneas [her brother] play a song. It’s never not been mind-blowing,’ she said.

‘It’s not like I can ever feel it in the moment, because the whole experience is so crazy.’

Friends is available to stream on Netflix UK, plays on loop most days on Comedy Central and is not taking over weekends on Channel 5.


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