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This Morning psychologist Emma Kenny sparks fury by saying she’ll ignore Covid-19 rules to ‘throw parties and visit elderly neighbours’

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Emma Kenny has been criticised for her views on lockdown (Picture: ITV/REX)

This Morning’s Emma Kenny has claimed she will not abide by the Government’s Covid-19 restrictions – instead choosing to throw parties and visit elderly neighbours without wearing a mask.

The ITV show’s resident psychologist has been criticised for her tweets in which she suggested she will ignore guidelines to avoid mixing households and wear masks, and will socialise instead.

These tweets came after the Government’s three-tier system was announced yesterday to prevent the further spread of Covid-19, which has killed over 57,000 people in the UK to date.

Kenny tweeted: ‘Just want to check in with you @BorisJohnson and @MattHancock just to politely inform you that I’m declining your Tiers because you have no evidence to base them on! The law of the land must be based on the interests of the population. I’m taking back my kids futures [sic].’

A follower asked: ‘I genuinely want to know what it is that you won’t be complying with and how? How do we fight this if we choose to? Do you think shops and pubs will take the risk of fines Wondering what the best course of action is, as I’m sure many others are too.’

Kenny replied: ‘I’m going to have parties, see my friends, invite EVERYONE around! I’m going to visit elderly neighbours and take cake, I’m not wearing a mask and I’m going to do what as a human I was born to do…socialise.’

The post has gone viral, with people criticising Kenny as ‘dangerous’ and ‘ignorant’.

One response read: ‘We all want to do those things but its seriously irresponsible’, while another tweeted: ‘Is this really someone who should have airtime?’

Another person tweeted: ‘Can you imagine reading this as a loved one of loosing someone to Covid? It is cruel, irresponsible and dangerous and her position on your platforms should seriously be considered.’

After another person said they would be ‘avoiding you like the plague’, Kenny tweeted: ‘Shame! We have great parties and so far no one has died…or knows anyone who has died.’

The Manchester-based TV personality, who also writes for Closer magazine, continued: ‘If you come on my thread to scream ‘PEOPLE ARE DYING’ then we agree! You’re human, you’ll die, and some of you will be lucky enough to make it to the average age of a Covid death 82.4. In the meantime I’m also concerned with the kids and young adults dying of other causes!’

My Celebrity Life –

Tier three rules have banned household mixing (Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire)

She went on to ask followers to tweet her places of work to support her, after calls for her to lose her job.

Kenny tweeted: ‘The sadness I genuinely feel when people think me wanting to socialise with friends, neighbours and family means I should lose my career is heartbreaking . It’s not the ‘threat’ that bothers me…it’s that people think it’s dangerous to be human? What have we become?’

Following the backlash, she clarified: ‘Just to say that I’m clearly not asking people to go out and harm their neighbours etc. and not am I saying you shouldn’t obey the government tiers. If I’ve upset people then I’m sorry. You know what I’m like…I’m desperately worried about the collateral damage.’

A self-proclaimed lockdown sceptic, Kenny has cited the effect on people’s mental health that restrictions have as her reason to ignore the rules.

In previous tweets, she wrote: ‘2020 the year freedom was removed, sick people were told to stay away from hospital,  millions were paid to stay home, whilst more were left to starve, and where critical thought was no longer allowed, because the tech giants think you’re all too thick to think for  yourself!’

She also suggested before the tiers were announced that the Government ‘cannot enforce rules if we all refuse peacefully to accept them’, saying she would be going ‘back to normal’ on December 2.

In other social media posts, Kenny suggested that ‘vaccines will damage more children than they will help’ and alleged ‘mandated vaccines mean child abuse’, following a report that Qantas airline will require passengers to be vaccinated before they fly with them.

Kenny, who is registered with the British Psychological Society and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and founded a health and wellbeing app called Appy, previously tested positive for Covid-19 herself.

There have been 1.5 million cases of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom to date.

The new restrictions state that people living in tier three areas can only meet other households in outdoor public spaces in groups of six, with no indoor mixing, while pubs can only operate as a takeaway or delivery service.

The same household rules apply in tier two, while pubs are allowed to open as long as they serve ‘substantial meals’.

In tier one, the rule of six applies to indoor mixing, while bars, pubs and restaurants must be table service only and must stop taking orders at 10pm.

Kenny lives in Manchester, which is under the harshest tier three restrictions.


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