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This Morning viewer phones in to find out if her pet rabbit is a lesbian: ‘She’s mounting her’

This Morning viewers were left surprised after a woman phoned in to the show to ask a vet’s advice on whether her pet rabbit is a lesbian.

The caller, Yvette from Essex, called in for some help with her conundrum – one of her two female rabbits keeps mounting the other.

She told Dr Scott: ‘It’s a little awkward – two girls, two sisters so obviously same litter, got them when they were about nine or 10 weeks old.’

Yvette revealed that she’d split the pair up after they had a fight when they were 12 weeks old, but now they’re 21 weeks old one seems to have been making advances on the other.

She explained: ‘Now at 21 weeks the little brown one, which is called Hovis, is mounting Willow, the white one, continually and chasing her around the run.’

Dr Scott revealed to the concerned viewer that animals can in fact be gay, but it’s more likely to be a territorial issue between the two sisters.

He told Yvette: ‘A lot of animals can be gay, about 1,500 species of animals are known to show homosexual behaviour so it’s all very, very natural.

‘Love is love, but in this particular case it is territoriality – if you think of your two animals as two sisters, sharing the same room are going to fight, aren’t they?

‘They’re going to fight and they’re going to want a bit of extra space and female rabbits, more than male rabbits, are the most territorial as they’re the ones who are going to protect their burrow.’





He added that getting the pair neutered would probably help to calm things down: ‘Certainly I do believe that by neutering them you take away that hormonal need to protect their environment but that is very much a territorial thing and I do believe that once those hormones dissipate those sisters will start behaving and being nice to each other.’

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on the conundrum, tweeting: ‘Just turned #ThisMorning on and saw the tag line “is my rabbit a lesbian?” I love this show’ and ‘Just choked on my porridge because of the question “Is my rabbit a lesbian?” On This Morning’.

Others added: ‘“Is my rabbit a lesbian?” We used to have two male dogs that were brothers and one used to hump the other. I didn’t go on national TV to out him as gay, I just put it down to him being…. Wait for it…. An animal!’

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV. 


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