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This Morning viewers horrified as Chanel the parrot is to have her wings clipped to stop her flying away

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Sandra Hannah happily explained how she’s going to stop Chanel flying away (Picture: ITV)

Sandra Hannah has revealed she’s having her parrot Chanel’s wings clipped to prevent her flying away, leaving This Morning viewers horrified and presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford shocked.

A few days ago, Sandra, who previously went viral in a video calling for her lost parrot Chanel, revealed that her pet had disappeared again a year after her initial escape.

During an appearance on This Morning, Sandra broke down in tears over the ordeal, saying that the bird flew straight out of the open door.

Upon her return to the ITV programme on Tuesday, Sandra revealed that Chanel had been found a mile from her home, expressing her joy over the parrot’s return.

With Chanel having now disappeared from Sandra twice, Eamonn asked her: ‘What are we going to do to make sure Chanel doesn’t escape again?’

‘She’s getting her wings clipped,’ Sandra joyfully responded from Liverpool.

My Celebrity Life –

Eamonn and Ruth appeared startled by Sandra’s admission (Picture: ITV)

‘Oh, is she?’ Eamonn replied in shock, while Ruth, who appeared quite dismayed at the news, asked: ‘And what does that mean? She can’t fly at all then?’

‘No, she won’t be able to fly at all,’ Sandra confirmed, as she continued to stroke Chanel.

When Ruth asked if it was ‘safe’ to have Chanel’s wings clipped, Sandra said it was, with the broadcaster adding: ‘I didn’t know that you could do that.’

Several This Morning viewers expressed their horror over Chanel having her wings clipped and never being able to fly again.

‘Hang on, this story was heart warming right up until she says she’s getting the parrot’s wings clipped so it can’t fly. NASTY,’ one person tweeted.






‘This woman happily clipping her parrot’s wings is awful. Should this be promoted on #ThisMorning?’ another wrote.

Someone else stated that having Chanel’s wings clipped is ‘painful and cruel’, adding that the parrot is ‘meant to fly’.

‘Wow.. bird owner of the year. The bird goes missing and she gets its wings clipped. Wow. #thismorning,’ another remarked.

On the website for The Parrot Society UK, it says that the act of having a parrot’s wings clipped is ‘contentious’ as ‘many veterinarians and parrot enthusiasts denounce it as being unnecessary and cruel, while many breeders and pet stores selling parrots to the pet market still wing-clip young parrots as a matter of routine’.

‘There is no reason to call for a total ban on wing clipping, neither should every bird sold as a pet be clipped routinely,’ the organisation added.

VCA Animal Hospitals adds that ‘different people have different opinions’ on birds having their wings clipped, stating: ‘What is right for one bird may not be right for another.’

‘Safety for the bird in its environment must be the prime consideration. A clipped bird will still flap his wings while holding onto the perch or cage for exercise, and they are able to climb and walk anywhere. Flights into ceiling fans, windows, and mirrors or out open windows or doors are avoidable with a wing clip, so this simple procedure may actually save birds’ lives,’ it stated.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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