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This Morning viewers slam multimillionaire tech guru planning to live to 180 by skipping breakfast

A multimillionaire ‘biohacker’ who reckons he’s cracked the code to living to 180 has left viewers fuming by suggesting they skip breakfast to ‘feel better’ about themselves.

Dave Asprey, who has spent more than $1million (£729,000) in a bid to prolong his life as long as possible, appeared on This Morning to discuss his methods, including intermittent fasting, an increasingly popular diet technique with an arguable success rate according to pros.

The 47-year-old entrepreneur claimed that freezing cold cryotherapy treatments, deep sleep and intermittent fasting helped the body ‘make energy differently’.

He even has a liquid nitrogen powered cryotherapy chamber in his house to help him and his wife in their mission to continue living.

‘What will your quality of life be like by then?,’ Holly Willoughby then questioned.

‘My problem with it is, I wouldn’t want to live to 180 unless everyone lived with me, because I wouldn’t want to get to 180 and watch my children pass away.

‘I couldn’t cope with that, it’s not the natural order of life.’

But Asprey remained defiant and said: ‘I don’t think I’ll be the only one doing that. The things that I’m working to pioneer are now expensive, but some of them are free like fasting.

‘But what’s going to happen is that this is going to become something like cell phones. Everyone has cell phones, Everyone will have anti-ageing.

He claimed skipping breakfast and getting good sleep would help (Picture: ITV)

‘You go back 30 years very few people had cell phones. So change can happen rapidly in society.

‘There will be many people who are under 40 right now who are walking around under their own power, perfectly happy, highly functional, will be more than 100 years old. It’s guaranteed, given the speed of progress.’

Dave then directed viewers to buy his books to further discover his secrets, but those tuning in slammed him for encouraging a potentially dangerous diet.








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