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Tiger King’s ex Dillon Passage claims he was ‘emotionally abused’ by Joe Exotic: ‘I was another animal in a cage’

Dillon Passage has spoken his ‘truth’ (Picture: Instagram/Netflix)

Tiger King star Dillon Passage has alleged that his ex-husband Joe Exotic controlled him throughout their three-year marriage.

He claimed that Exotic, who is currently battling prostate cancer while serving a 22-year prison sentence for animal abuse charges and a murder-for-hire plot, wouldn’t let him have friends and would threaten him.

Dillon took to Instagram Live to share his ‘truth’ about his life with the former zookeeper, stating he endured ‘manipulation’ and ‘emotional abuse’.

‘Joe was good to me but there was a lot of negativity as well,’ he said. ‘While we were at the zoo, everything as good but there were little things that were picking at me.

‘I wasn’t allowed to have friends at the zoo. All of the employees at the zoo, Joe didn’t want me talking to them. I wasn’t exactly sure why. Obviously, there were stories at the time that I didn’t know, Joe didn’t reveal them to me.’ [sic]

Dillon continued: ‘Joe, in a relationship, likes to be in control. If he doesn’t have that control then he lashes out. I know a lot of people are like that, he’s not singled out in this. When you’re in a marriage there should be compromise in a lot of things.’

He claimed that Exotic would only allow him to leave the gym to work out and go to the supermarket but was forbidden to see his cousin who lived 30 minutes from the zoo. He also said Exotic made him block a friend on social media.

‘I started to realise I was another animal in a cage that Joe wanted to control that he could come to when he wanted to play,’ Dillon reflected.

He went on to say that Exotic ‘switched’ following his arrest and would harass him with phone calls if he didn’t initially answer.

Joe Exotic shot to fame in Netflix’s Tiger King (Picture: Netflix)

Dillon has found love with a new man, John (Picture: Instagram)

‘So, we had scheduled phone call times, three, four times a day,’ Dillon explained. ‘If I didn’t answer these phone calls, Joe would lash out at me and threaten to take things away from me, threaten to get me in trouble for things, and he would call me a million times. He would call my family, post my family’s information on social media.

‘Eventually, I grew tired of it, I wanted to leave, so I did.’

Concluding his video, Dillon said that he is ‘happy’ to be ‘relieved’ of Joe.

‘Joe is a good man, and he does a lot of kind things, but that’s outweighed by the manipulation and the emotional and mental abuse that I’ve had to endure,’ he added.

Tiger King is available to stream on Netflix.

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