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Tipping Point: Filming forced to grind to a halt as unheard of ‘miraculous’ moment had Ben Shephard checking rule book

Ben Shephard has recalled a ‘miraculous’ moment on the new series of Tipping Point that resulted in him having to check the rule book for the game show as filming was brought to a halt.

On Friday’s edition of This Morning, Ben joined co-presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to discuss the upcoming episodes of the programme, in addition to the celebrity version of the show Lucky Stars, which returned last week.

The standard version of the series is due to resume in a few days, with Ben teasing that in one episode, an unbelievable incident occurred ‘that’s never happened before’.

The TV host began by saying that he finds it ‘very hard not to take it personally’ when the coin-pushing machine doesn’t let contestants win money, stating: ‘I mean I love giving away ITV’s money, it’s an absolute gift for me, and I get very cross with the machine.’

But in one of the new episodes, a member of the public celebrates a monumental moment, taking Ben completely by surprise.

‘In the series coming up we have another double jackpot winner, we’ve had one of those’ he revealed to Eamonn and Ruth.

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Ben reveals what excitement lies in store on new series of Tipping Point (Picture: Rex Features/ITV)

‘We also had something that’s never happened before, and we filmed over a thousand of these episodes, where both doubles fall at the same time.’

Ben said that the ‘double double drop’ was completely unexpected, throwing ‘everyone into a spin’.

‘They have these things called bibles for game shows, and we had to stop filming and go, “Does anybody know what happens when double double…”, we had to stop.’

After consulting with the rule book, they discovered that ‘there was a rule’ for that specific scenario, which they used ‘to work out exactly what happened’.

Adding even more intrigue to the story, Ben explained that the contestant in question had been doing really badly up until this point, so achieving the double double drop marked a ‘miraculous comeback’.

‘It was a miraculous comeback from the contestant who gets it, cause she’s out, she’s dead and buried, she’s not going through, and all of a sudden this double double dropped. So there’s still these crazy bits of exciting moments,’ he said.

Who knew a coin-pushing arcade machine could stir up so much excitement!

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV and Tipping Point airs on Monday at 4pm on ITV.

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