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Too Hot To Handle: How much does each rule break cost?

The cast of Too Hot To Handle series 3 (Picture: Netflix/vanDAM)

Netflix’s sex-free dating show Too Hot To Handle is back for a third series.

Hmm. Well, we say sex-free… because it’s about an attractive line-up of singles from all around the globe getting to know each other on a deep, meaningful level.

That’s what Lana, the show’s ever-watchful ‘virtual assistant’, tells us anyway.

But the celibacy (supposedly a surprise for contestants) never seems to last very long.

After all, they’re all scantily-clad, lounging around in gorgeously sunny beachside villa – with little else to keep them occupied but getting with each other.

However, Lana really doesn’t appreciate rule breaks, and docks the $100,000 (around £73,000) prize money every time a contestant engages in any sort of sexual contact.

So, how much does a kiss cost them? A fumble under the covers? Or having sex?

Here’s what we’ve learned from past seasons.

How much does each rule break cost on Too Hot To Handle?

From past series, we’ve been able to gather how much each rule break on Too Hot To Handle costs.

Perhaps the most common of all the rule breaks is a simple kiss.

The price isn’t so simple though, as just one snog sets the prize pot back $3,000 (£2,197).

The cast of Too Hot To Handle lost a lot of their own prize money with ‘rule breaks’ (Picture: Netflix)

In series two, Cam and Emily engaged in sexual activity on a few occasions – one costing the group $4,000 (£2,929) and another $5,000 (£3,662). Though it’s not entirely clear what happened.

When Robert appeared to receive a hand job from Christina, $5,000 was removed from the total prize fund.

Back in series one, Francesca said she ‘went down under’ on then-partner Harry, costing the group $6,000 (£4,394).

In series two, Chase and Tabitha also engaged in sexual activity, with their rule break costing $7,000 (£5,127).

Full intercourse cost an eye-watering $20,000 (£14,651) a pop – as Melinda and Marvin found out in series two, and Francesca and Harry discovered in series one.

Even masturbation comes at a price – $2,000 (£1,464) to be precise.

However, as the third series’ trailer reveals, the total prize fund appears to be rising this year – to $200,000 (around £146,000).

So, it’s very possible the cast’s fines will go up too. We’ll just have to watch and see…

Too Hot To Handle series 3 is back on Netflix on January 19.


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