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Too Hot to Handle season 2: Follow the new cast of singletons on Instagram

From models and lawyers to a former stripper, the Too Hot to Handle season 2 cast are a very interesting bunch (Picture: Netflix)

Too Hot To Handle season two is on the way, with new episodes finally dropping later this month.

Now fans have been given their first look at the group of singletons set to enter the swanky villa this time around.

For those who don’t know, the dating show sees contestants living alongside each other in paradise – but they are forced to abstain from intimate contact in a bid to walk away with a cash prize.

The first episode of season one saw stars get swept away in the romance before virtual assistant Lana put a dampener on the festivities.

Meet the new contestants and find out which ones you can stalk on Instagram.

Too Hot To Handle 2021 Instagram accounts:

Carly – @carlylawrence_

The 24-year-old model hails from Toronto, Canada.

The fun-loving party girl, who hates being told what to do so she’s probably going to struggle when Lana reveals the rules.

Carly used to be a competitive dancer, but says she has no interest in finding her perfect partner.

Cam – @camholmess

The 24-year-old model/personal trainer hails from Wales, UK.

Cam claims to be a self-confessed sexy nerd and loves Lord of the Rings so much he has perfected his Gollum impression – he’s even engaged in some elf-based roleplay.

The personal trainer always thinks the grass is greener on the other side, meaning he struggles to settle.

Chase – @chasedemoor

Another 24-year-old, but this athelete is from Arizona, USA.

As a professional football player, Chase’s got admirers lining up at all times.

Apparently, he can handle it because he has a sex drive that’s, in his words, 100 out of 10.

Emily – @emilyfayemiller

The 27-year-old model is based in London, UK.

Emily has no interest in commitment, and she always gets what she wants.

This multi-lingual model is the life and soul of the party, but she’s not afraid to break a few hearts in her search for satisfaction.

Marvin – @marvin.anthony_ 26-year-old from France is a full-time model and influencer.

Marvin not only has a masters in finance, but he’s also played basketball at the highest level in France and started his own concierge business.

He’s got confidence to spare, but with his pick of the ladies and all the attention, can you have too much of a good thing?

Kayla – @kaylajean.official

The 26-year-old from Florida, USA, is a model and bartender.

Laidback Kayla is happiest when hanging at the beach, tanning and surfing.

She’s always eyeing up the talent and while she loves a bad boy, Kayla has never been rejected.

Her strict upbringing gave her a rebellious wild side when she left home, so breaking the rules comes naturally to her.

Larissa – @Larissa_Townson

The 28-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand is a lawyer.

Larissa is a force to be reckoned with because when she’s not immersed in the legal world she’s enjoying all the attention she gets at parties.

Her friends call her Tinkerbell, as she loves the guys to be obsessed with her, even though she isn’t a one-man kind of girl.

Melinda – @melinda_melrose

The 28-year-old from New York, USA, is a full-time model.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Melissa is one of 16 siblings – but that doesn’t stop her from standing out in a crowd.

Melinda loves to be complimented so her modelling work suits her just fine.

She’s a self-professed firecracker and going into the retreat she’s a predator on the hunt, with the boys in her sights.

Nathan – @nathankwebb

The 27-year-old lives Texas, USA, and he is a former stripper.

Nathan is originally from the UK but moved to US for work. That work? Magic Mike style stripping.

A stripper with a passion for country music and an even deeper passion for the ladies, Nathan’s had his heart broken before and now he jumps from girl to girl.

Peter – @petervigilante

At 21, New York, USA-based personal trainer is the youngest in the group.

When he’s not pumping iron, he’s busy performing as a TikTok influencer. I

It’s work that means he’s not shy of attention, receiving 100-200 DMs a day from his admirers.

Peter is close to his big family, who are based in Staten Island, particularly his mom who is the number one woman in his life.

Oh, and he’s a big fan of astrology.

Too Hot To Handle season two arrives on Netflix on June 23, with season one available to stream now.

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