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Torchwood star ‘would jump at chance’ to play Ianto Jones on screen again

Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd has given us the tiniest glimmer of hope and revealed he would ‘jump’ at the chance to play Ianto Jones on screen again.

Although Ianto was tragically killed off in the Children Of Earth series (honestly, we’ve still not fully recovered), if there’s one thing Doctor Who and Torchwood can do, it’s play with space and time.

Pointing out that he’s currently returning to the role in Big Finish’s audio dramas, Gareth explained: ‘I definitely think the popularity’s there to bring it back, whether they will or not, I’m not sure.

‘It’s Russell [T Davies]’ baby, he has let Big Finish babysit it and I know he’s pleased with what they’ve been doing.

‘There’s the scope for it to come back, I’d love it to come back whether Ianto would be part of it or not. I think maybe bringing him back easily would sort of cheapen the drama that was created in Children Of Earth, but I’d obviously jump at the chance to play him on screen again.

‘Maybe in an alternate universe or something like that? Or Ianto from the future? I’m not sure! But the popularity is definitely there – I still travel the world to conventions because of the popularity.

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Gareth starred alongside the likes of (L-R) John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, and Naoko Mori (Picture: BBC)

‘And you can see first-hand the amount of people that turn up to panels and queue up to get autographs from the whole cast. It’s still a really popular show and there’s a new wave of audience that have been getting into it. The kids that were too young to watch it at the time have watched it now and that’ll keep happening. I think it’s aged really well too.

The actor, who is hoping to get back to filming his horror drama Black River Meadow this year, added: ‘I definitely think there’s scope to bring it back but I think there would have to be a number of things in place. Fingers crossed!’

The Doctor Who spin-off followed Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and his team as they fought off alien threats to Earth.

The cast, which also included Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, Burn Gorman as Owen Harper, and Naoko Mori as Toshiko Sato were absolutely incredible to watch, and Gareth thinks himself lucky to have had such a strong ‘family atmosphere’ on the series.

Even at the most heartbreaking moments, he revealed they kept each other’s spirits high however they could.

‘The moment at the very end where Ianto’s dead in the school gym with bodies [around him], there’s a scene where Gwen, Eve Myles’s character, walks down and sees the bodies, she lifts back the plastic sheet and Captain Jack is there and although she’s upset, she has a slight smile because she knows he’s coming back, and she lifts back the other sheet and Ianto’s there and she sheds a tear because she knows he’s not coming back,’ Gareth recalled.


‘I remember doing that scene a few times – the first time she came down, she pulled the plastic sheet off John and he was wearing a massive handlebar moustache and pulling a really stupid face.

‘We were all – me certainly – I was a bit depressed at the time about leaving the show but he always had that ability to bring a smile to everyone’s face, to bring everyone’s energy up. He was a great patriarch for the show.’

During Torchwood’s five year run, Ianto became so deeply loved that, after he was killed off, fans built a shrine for him in Cardiff which is still maintained and visited more than a decade later – including by John himself this month.

Gareth, who is hoping to fulfil his dream of performing at the National Theatre after his plan was foiled by coronavirus, as well as continue with his crowd-funded horror drama Black River Meadow after the pandemic, is still astonished at the impact the character has had 10 years after the final episode aired.

‘If you step away and think about it, it’s really bonkers that a character in a sci-fi show still has that support from people, people still put things on the shrine, it’s got a caretaker in Cardiff, the lovely Carol-Ann.

‘It’s bonkers, it’s very flattering to think that something that I’ve been part of has had that effect and inspired people to pay tribute to him in that way, that he touched so many people’s hearts. It’s wonderful.’

Torchwood is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. The Kickstarter for Black River Meadow is available here.


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