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Traces episode 2 questions: How did Izzy know Marie had been dismembered and who told Emma’s dad about the photo?

Traces aired its second episode on BBC One tonight, with Emma’s investigation into her mum’s unsolved murder starting to heat up.

The latest chapter saw the character (played by Molly Windsor) feeling overwhelmed by the police interest and wondering what she’s started.

Elsewhere, Martin Compston’s character Daniel entered the scene and he forged a romantic connection with Emma, while also revealing he harbours a guilty conscience as he refurbished Secrets, the club that burnt down and killed three people.

As usual, we’ve got a whole bunch of questions that need answering. So, without further ado…

How does Emma’s dad know about the photo?

Emma’s dad somehow knows she located the photo (Picture: BBC)

Emma’s dad Drew (John Gordon Sinclair) has been MIA since she woke up to find he had disappeared in the middle of the night in the show’s first episode.

Somehow, he’s discovered that she found the picture of him and her late mum Marie in bed.

Emma has already deduced that the photograph must have been taken around the time of her mum’s death and when she was married to her step-dad.

The only people Emma told about the picture in question was her childhood friend Sky (Jamie Marie Leary), who said she’d ask her mum Izzy (Laurie Brett) about it, her boss, and D.I Neil McKinven (Michael Nardone).

Skye insisted that she didn’t mention anything to her mum and that she doesn’t even speak to Emma’s dad, but was she lying?

How did Izzy know Emma had been dismembered?

Marie knew Emma’s mum’s body was dismembered (Picture: BBC)

D.I Neil revealed the sinister news that Emma’s mum’s body was found to be dismembered – however, he added that the only people to know this would be those involved in her murder and those who originally worked on the case.

In episode 1, Izzy told Emma that she was horrified that Marie had been cut up, while her family members insisted that was not true.

As it’s now been unveiled that Izzy was right, did she have something to do with the murder? Or, does she know whodunnit?

What was Daniel’s role in the fire?

Daniel has become a love interest (Picture: BBC)

Daniel was introduced into the fold in tonight’s episode. While getting to know Emma, he revealed that he’s being investigated by the police over the Secrets nightclub fire, which killed three people.

He claimed that the person who started the fire then took their own life by jumping off the bridge – which caused Emma to be late for her first day at her new job.

Daniel also shared that the police are going to go after him because he no longer has all the appropriate paperwork to prove his innocence in the case.

Is he actually more involved with the fire than he’s letting on?

Why does D.I Neil McKinven want Emma to stop looking into her mum’s murder?

Is D.I Neil a good cop or a bad cop? (Picture: BBC)

D.I Neil implored Emma to stop being a sleuth and to give up investigating her mum’s unsolved murder.

The detective made his demands after they met up and she presented him with a wealth of evidence, including the photo of her mum and her dad together in bed.

He seemed pretty concerned that Emma would soon discover secrets that people don’t want getting out. Why is D.I Neil so worried?

Will Kathy be able to track down Pia?

The mystery of who sent Kathy the postcard was uncovered in tonight’s episode when Pia (Joana Borja) turned up out of the blue at Kathy’s work.

Kathy was less than thrilled by the surprise visit and made it explicitly clear that she didn’t want to see Pia, however, she soon had a change of heart.

Frantic scenes showed the character calling up hotels in Dundee as she tried to track down where her lover was staying – but will she be able to locate Pia and declare her feelings?

Traces continues on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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