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TV reporter caught out live on air by ‘giant fluffy anuses’ during wild segment leaving studio hosts gasping

If you’ve ever wanted to know what ‘giant fluffy anuses’ look like in a human form, then congratulations, today is your lucky day.

A TV reporter in Australia was caught out Down Under (pun most certainly intended) after he interviewed a bunch of artists inspired by sea urchins.

Viewers were met by a gaggle of these characters from performance group Discordia on Wednesday, dressed in gold, sparkly onesies, with full face masks and adorned with a camp AF pink, feathered headdress – as well as holding tiny rakes on a long stick.

Sam Mac, who was presenting the weather for Sunrise, dared to ask performance artist Will Huxley about the elaborate costumes during Melbourne’s Rising arts festival.

Tell us what this is please!’ Sam asked of Will, who, without missing a beat, gave a rousing description of the inspiration.

They said: ‘Yes, well, we worship the natural world and these creations are actually inspired by sea urchins…and also giant fluffy anuses.’

Of course.

It all started pretty innocently (Picture: 7News / Sunrise)
When he realised it had all gone horribly wrong (Picture: 7News / Sunrise)
But they love Ricky Martin! (Picture: 7News / Sunrise)

Will went on: ‘The sea urchin actually has an anus for its mouth – and they also love Ricky Martin.’

Throwing it back to the studio, Sam said: ‘Yeah, look, I probably should have asked that question before the segment, but now you know.

‘Hey, let’s check your weather shall we?’

The cameras cut to the studio hosts, who were in fits of awkward laughter as anchor Natalie Barr, who was seen with her hands over her mouth, added: ‘Thanks for your research.’

And the studio was left quite amused (Picture: 7News / Sunrise)

Co-host David Koch simply asked: ‘Is that another type of sea creature?’

Clearly the early morning censors are a little more forgiving in Australia, with the cameras crossing back to Sam and Discordia after the weather, with the presenter asking Will what the troupe did during their performances – while Natalie said: ‘Don’t ask him anything else!’

But Will had a taste for chaos this morning, explaining: ‘We stalk about, we rub against each other, we get people warm and fluffy we like to get our sea urchins right up in their faces, we do like to frighten people if possible.’

Consider us terrified.

Sam, a brave, brave man, pressed on: ‘Is this something that is part of the festival or is this just a cult you have formed?’ while Will responded: ‘We are a cult, actually. It’s called better than nothing, what we do, and we are part of the rising but we just like to celebrate nature and we love sea urchins.’

Telling it how it is, Sam conceded this on air interaction was one of the more intriguing of his career, musing: ‘I’ve done some weird segments in my time on Sunrise weather but I feel like we have a new number one, and I’m not so sad about it.’

Neither are we.

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