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Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 drops first look at Death in Oslo case and we have all the chills

Unsolved Mysteries Volume Two has dropped a first look at the Death in Oslo episode, and quite honestly, it has given us all the chills.

The instalment focuses on the death of Jennifer Fergate which was originally ruled as a suicide after her body was found in The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo, Norway.

However, at a closer inspection, it looks as though there could be more to the death than first meets the eye, as the woman checked in under the false alias, had all of the labels cut out of her clothes (bar one), and provided false information regarding her age and address.

There was also no ID discovered within her belongings, with her identity still remaining a mystery to this day.

The victim had been found with a pistol in her hand, with both doors to the room safe-locked from the inside – but questions were raised when there was a lack of any gun residue, as well as the room’s window being left open.

In the clip an investigator explained that on all of the police documents, it says they are 99.9% sure it was suicide.

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Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 drops first look at Death in Oslo episode (Picture: Netflix)

He goes on: ‘But when the investigators went through the room, they couldn’t find any identity.

‘No credit card, no drivers license, no wallet, no car keys no home door keys, which people normally bring with them.’

There was no evidence of a toothbrush or cosmetics and no toiletries.

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The victim was found dead in a hotel (Picture: Netflix)

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The episode drops tomorrow! (Picture: Netflix)

A policeman continued: ‘And we didn’t find any kind of ID card, not even a passport. And that’s very rare because mainly people have to have a passport to come to Norway.

‘We looked at her clothes, and we found one odd thing that all the labels on all the clothes she had was removed.’

There are currently three theories circling the case, with the first suggesting it was suicide.

However, another another points towards there being someone else in the room – as a hotel receptionist has since claimed the women had checked in as a Belgian couple – Jennifer and Lois Fergate.

Others believe the death has something to do with another guest at the hotel who goes by the name Mr F.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 drops onto Netflix October 19.


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